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Stop Motion Wedding

It's a bit of a 'thing' at the moment, the hipster stop motion wedding photoshoot.

(Stop motion is where you take a series of photos and animate them into a short film -and- do some clever things with how objects appear and move).

I could do it... but I hadn't yet because I thought it might be too much of a focus during a wedding shoot, detracting from getting really quality individual images.

However, they ARE fun and they ARE cute and so I slipped a little stop motion into a recent wedding shoot to see what we could achieve in 10 minutes.

I animated 30 seconds of footage which I repeated 3 times to give us a good chunk of visual sweetness.

So I think this is a a WIN: We have some animated cuteness to a song the couple love AND we have a series of still images of high quality for albums and printing.


Here are some of the stills to go with the animation.

All shot at the divine Karri Tree forest setting at Donnelly River Village.

More of this I shall do!

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Post Apocalyptic Romance

It just turned out this way... eerily so.

Clare and Nathan were having a portrait shoot with me yesterday - for pre-wedding practice/fun.
I suggested that we go to an abandoned powerstation and it seemed fitting that they just knew the way in to one.

The light turned into a cinematic delight with softness everywhere coming through blanketing cloud.

I respond in my photographic style to an environment and a couple. Hence the shots became more mysterious...

And when I got home to edit them I found that we really had a collection that could be telling a post apocalyptic romance story. Do you feel that too?

I love that it's so fitting for these two.
They are left of centre, perhaps fringe dwellers... passionate and active in their beliefs. I can imagine them being some of the last survivors... 

Clare and Nathan met at an anti-war protest and have an ethical diamond ring (man made not 'blood diamond')!

A shoot should become the people. I feel it does.

I'm inspired to do more mockumentary style shoots now. Tell a story and play!

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My Favourite For A Moment

I have a favourite shot every few days.

It's my gold from the latest shoot.

Then it's replaced by something new.


This was last week:

This was a few days later:

This is now:


I want to share with you the way I shoot.

It's like a blur of speed that almost happens to me. As to think would be to miss a split-second moment. I seem to enter some zone, as per the cliche, yet it does happen.

I shoot like my eyes are not focusing - I just feel the whole image without looking at details. I trust in the spontaneity of it, trust in the feel of it being right.

I let light blow into my lens - I want imperfection and nature to show itself.

I see aspects but rarely the finer detail. I relinquish control.

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A Wedding Album

Here is a little video of the wedding album I just made to showcase my favourite Sophie & Ben 'Minty Vintage' photographs for I Heart Weddings.

It's almost-pocket-sized in cuteness at 5"x5" and covered in a mint linen. Each page is thickly mounted to card to ensure it lasts a lifetime and beyond. When I took it to the First Comes Love bridal fair it was a winner. So many folks oohed and aahed at the wee size.

Albums are not something I want to 'upsell' to my clients and at first I didn't do them because of the association of wedding photographers ripping off clients and getting heavily into the upsell. However, having given over plenty of DVDs of images I realised how very important they are! Clients aren't really able to create professional, beautifully presented albums that will last. So now I see them as the best possible way to treasure the images taken, archive them for future generations and tell the story of the day in a reduced, poetic way. Nothing compares and so I'm doing albums, baby!

The song is a bit weepy but I liked it...


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Windows into Weddings

Someone suggested it might be a good idea if I focused on one thing at one time. Like one passion for one year.


Yes,  I understand how that could be a productive choice and how I could become really really good at that one thing if I just did that one thing. But then, I know myself....

I wouldn't feel complete. I'd feel all trapped inside this 'day job' I'd create. I'd want to escape. I'd want to take up other opportunities. My finger tips would be seeking out other pies!

So, with full awareness I will continue to juggle my 3 core passions. Design, Documentary and Photography.

Here are some little windows into my wedding photography which is pleasurably filling up a good third of my life.

These are aspects I love to capture and would like to share with you.

If you would like a weddings sampler to share my images with others, just send me an email.

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Mmmm weddings

I never would have thought I'd be so into being a wedding photographer.
I surprise myself! I just can't wait for more more more!

Can you FEEL this photo?

It's that feeling that feeds me.

When I've just shot a wedding I can't wait to go through the images, edit them and look at them, over and over again.
I guess it's about the beauty, the joy - I love looking at what I've done.
It's not like I'm being egocentric, there is some little bit of magic between me and the final shot that takes a bit of 'me' out of it.

Here are some favourites from Kath & Dave's wedding last weekend.

There is much you can't control, such as the light and weather, the people's love, the natural expressions and the way flags get held, just right.

It makes the world of difference photographing people that are full of feeling.

I need to be the fly on the wall to allow the experience to occur.

As Kath's sister, Janine wrote to me "It's as though you were wearing some sort of cloak of invisibility - I'm looking at them and thinking I don't remember her taking that!"

I need to be aware of angles and a hundred things going on at once. It just occurs in my mind very quickly so I don't miss a thing!

Sometimes you see potential and you just give it a little encouragement.

And other times you choose everything to be perfect but still let the moment breath.

But it's also fun to entirely stage something with clear direction for ultimate effect.

This was the secret 'posh' shot for mum.

With every wedding I do, I carry the experience of all those that went before. When you keep doing something, you just have to get better right?

As Jappalin, the incredible florist for Kath & Dave's wedding said as she gushed down the phone last night, "The future's looking bright!"

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Wreaths or Meat Cleavers for Weddings?

This is what my house can look like prior to a wedding shoot...
The mess of me creating accessories and props.

Last week I scoured op shops for fake-flowers so I could create wreaths to use in their wedding booth 'studio'. I asked the couple if they wanted a silly booth or a sophisticated one. They said "definitely sophisticated". So I went in search of things that would be classy... or at least pretty.

I made a backdrop with sheer curtain and some branches and blossoms.

It was just me and Oscar in the house so I had to use us both to test how it looks under the lights.
Oscar takes a good pic!

I just loved making these floral wreaths, so much that I started coming up with another creative-business-venture-concept. One of twenty circulating in my head right now...

Weddings are really occupying most of my brain capacity currently. When one is approaching I become immersed in it's details, ideas for locations and ways to uniquely shoot this couple.

The wedding was Valentina & Amnon. Here are a couple details.

I'll show you more next time, but here is another favourite:

mmm how tender is that!

And okay, just one more that shows some of my prop-work.

I went in early and set up the photo booth.

It looked lovely in the afternoon light as guests arrived.

I love creating spaces with decor that adds to the mood of the party.

Here are the two shots that used one of my three wreaths:

The groom had re-thought 'sophisticated' and picked up a few extra props which ended up being the most loved by the guests. Of course! Mixing virgins with devils... how can you resist?

Or virgin's with (now) necklace-wreaths and he-brides.

Or meat cleavering vikings with sophisticated blondes...

I might have to re-think my beautiful flower wreath idea and work on more devilish and raunchy concepts!

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I heart my wedding card

It took me some months, but I finally pressed 'PRINT' on my wedding photography cards.

They are on a Dalton boxboard stock with a grey brown pantone ink AND super spunky pink metallic foil.

It's near impossible to photograph a foil well because however it catches the light makes it look flat, so to show you I took a series of photos and animated it. So, you can see how pretty it is to play with in the light.

I'm now sending them out to folks who can pass them on to prospective couples.
Know anyone? Want some cards? Email me your postal address and how many you'd like.

I'm also making little concertina fold out samples. A lot of love is going into these so they're for venues and wedding suppliers and folk that can show future husbands and wives. If you would like one, please email me!

I've just featured one of my latest weddings on my website.
I make up names for the pages, so rather than "Alicia & Shane", I've called it Fall: In love.

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How you make a gorgeous magnetic chalkboard

Go to a regional opshop and find the old pictures in frames, tucked into the dusty corner.


Pull it apart, if painted just double check if person is famous now, otherwise discard...

Choose your most gaudy golden frame, bigger the better.


Find a lovely chap to cut you a piece of steel. This was Tony's computer's CPU (in a former life). Lightly sand it and ensure it fits in your frame.


Spray with primer - I used SLS Etch Primer "rust guard" by White Knight.


Spray with Black Chalk Board Paint and when dry, reinsert.


Stick on your magnets, add your chalk and be photographed!

Hang it on the wall for notes and messages and PLAY.

I'm using this tomorrow at a wedding...

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The Wedding Bells Are A-Ringing


Weddings: When it rains (rice), it pours!

I decided to start photographing weddings a year ago, and whenever I am thinking about such things, the phone begins to ring.

I've gotten so smitten with it that I've even created a website for my work iheartweddings.com.au

Here are some of Sophie & Ben's wedding. It certainly helps that they look gorgeous and that their minty car and vintage-style clothes tie in together. But it was raining a little and windy a lot, so the pictures also capture the mood of our afternoon in South Fremantle.

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