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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Save Beeliar Wetlands

When people ask what I'm passionate about it's maybe not what they expect.
Sure, I love being a photographer and working on creating beautiful images. There's something truly satisfying in that. But is it passion? Would I passionately talk about it, I suppose. Would I passionately fight for it? Not really.

Passion is both LOVE and ANGER I feel. Whatever drives deep emotions to the surface. 

So what makes me angry? 

Destruction of wildlife and natural habitat. This is the stuff that burns me up inside when I think about it.

I'm passionate about the preciousness of species, the beautiful balance of our ecosystem, the flora and fauna that existed long before humans existed and developed like mad. I actually don't think life is worth living without nature around. Besides the obvious fact that we would die pretty quickly without it. The detachment of people from nature is reflective of our very materialistic world and disconnection from 'paddock to plate' and 'rocks to iphone'!

Nature is my personal gateway to feeling that 'something greater' that the trivialities of daily life. In it's leafy silence, or it's muscial bird calls I am simply and swiftly reminded of the incredibless of life, the big picture of the earth, the cosmos, all the things we do not understand as tiny humans.

And in addition to that I'm moved by its inspirational colour palette, fleeting and changing beauty & inherent life force.

So yes, that's why I am choosing to spend more time using my love of photography to help with my passion for the environment.

First project: Save Beeliar Wetlands - near Bibra Lake Perth.

There are plans to put a big highway through the middle of the two lakes here to help get the big trucks to the port. I believe that a rail system would be a sensible and less destructive way of resolving this problem. Rail is better for the environment from a space and pollution point of view. Less impact on the nature reserves and homes of people in the area.

Read all about it at the Rethink Perth Freight website. 

I could go on but the info is there.

My first step was to visit the area at risk with my super-eco-knowledge partner to look around for myself and see what is in the bushy area between the two lakes. Here's what we saw yesterday afternoon...

We entered through the turnstyle of the Beeliar Regional Park. The new road will go in the direction of the wires. It's typically sandy Perth, the earth under all our houses. Reflective of our hot and long summers. 

The bush is right there though so we get into the scrub and pop our heads out the other side.

It's a bit of an enchanted space. Quite open with twisted Paperbarks and pigface succulents on the ground. The flowers and fruit of this succulent is prized bush tucker that tastes like a salty kiwifruit. I actually tried it once, yummy!

We then discover all the Banksias that make up this beautiful woodland which is also scattered with a mixture of Gum Trees (Coastal Blackbutt and Marri).

And in these woods are birds. First we see the New Holland Honey Eaters and then the loud and proud Black Carnaby Cockatoo and baby. Snacking away on the nuts of the Holly-Leaved Banksia. There's the constant call of the baby crying out for dinner. They must roost nearby as it's getting dark. I wonder where. We'll have to come back to find out!

Of course my partner would then notice all the burrows around us, and in particular the evidence of the Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoot). A cute little marsupial that loves the damp and dense bush that we are now getting into.

My partner pointed out this quirky plant that is a fire survivor called Prickly Moses. I got a bit caught up in it's sharp thorns. A real fighter this guy!

The lucky ants that find the seeds of this plant grab them and take them to the nest as they contain a special food reward. I was told about the special ant in the burrow who has the right mouth parts to release the reward and as a result the plant has managed to have their seeds safely smuggled underground where they will be ready to germinate after the next fire. 

Banksias have always fascinated me. Sort of remind me of an old man with lots of mouths. But this one looks like chocolate macaroons! 

Who needs fireworks when you have these beauties? It's the Holly-leaved Banksia (bird food!).

It was feeling like a great little adventure exploring this urban nature reserve. Just minutes away from my place where wildlife lives and survives as it should. If I never went, I might not miss it. So it's important to go and see what is going on and how we are part of a bigger beautiful picture.

I invite you to join me on a walking photo tour some time soon. It's a chance to explore plus learn for free from me some camera skills on the way. It's really fun walking super quietly to allow the birds to not be scared off to get those close up shots!

If you are interested then please send me an email nat[at]seedpod.com.au

Of course you can go take a wander any time you like, dogs on a lead allowed!
Visit the Walk the Roe 8 Facebook group 

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30 Ties and No Occasion

This is the third participant in The Occasion project that I started in Armidale, NSW. I only managed to get through 3 people in my week as artist in residence at NERAM. But I will continue on as I travel around Australia... starting conversations about why we hang on to objects and ideas and fantasies and helping people seize the day and USE their things for a photoshoot.

I loved working with Hadley. He's one of my fantastic new friends in Armidale. Hadley has 30 ties he's been imagining wearing when he becomes a 'professional'. Years later, those ties haven't seen the fluorescent light of a day in the office.

Donating his ties to the occasion project was certainly a PROCESS as much as an outcome, as Hadley explains in the video piece below.

The Occasion: with Hadley from Neram on Vimeo.


Hands up if you want to take part if you're in Perth, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Armidale or Melbourne! I'll be in those parts over the next two months and I'd love for you to find an object that you are saving for a special occasion and use it in an everyday or unique way.

Got something? Email me.

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100 dolls, countless hearts!

 There's that little gap between pressing send on an email with an electronic PDF of a 200 page Indesign document and when it arrives in the mailbox to be unwrapped, revealing itself as a 3 dimensional glossy ex-tree smelling object!

I'm always impatient!

And it was a proud moment when I walked into the kitchen with my latest design in the pulp!

Here are some shots of the 100 Dolls, Countless Hearts book which I photographed and designed. You can see some of the 'making of' in my previous post Old chooks and dolls.

Buy it! It's inspirational, beautiful, just $30 and all proceeds go to orphans in South Africa.

As part of the design 'experience', I received many messages from the Uthando Project coordinator, Georgia Efford. She doesn't spare positive feedback when she's whipping me day and night with the most insane timeframe I've ever experienced! But I love Georgia's enthusiasm and relentlessly positive thinking.

Here are my favourites quotes of Georgia-inspiration that kept me going til the end.

"Jesus and all the apostles would be proud of you little miracle worker"


"I don't know truly how to thank you. Nat, it was way beyond the call of duty... and kept on being like that to the last gasp."


"Nat, you are a little humdinger, as my Dad would say."


"Nat, the book feels as if we are bringing some peace to the world."


"Absolutely thrilling Nat. I truly love your way of putting things together beautifully."


"You have accomplished marvels today Nat! xxx"


"You are most generous and are earning lots of Light Units"


"Hi Nat, the more i think about you juggling all these elements the more I love what you do and the can do attitude. In retrospect, the funniest thing was me confidently saying "Oh Nat we will have the text ready for you when you arrive!!!!!!!!!!" How did you cope with so much unknown all the time?"

That's my favourite. Real acknowledgement of the challenge. And that's what you want from clients. Awareness and appreciation.

And for such positive feedback, acknowledging my accumulating light units towards my ascension to heaven, I'd do it all again!

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Artist by Artist by Artist


I'm producing a project for ABC Open in the Sunshine Coast called Artist by Artist.

It's the brainchild of myself and Solua Middleton in the Gold Coast. We're teaming artists together to make a documentary on each other. We're training them and collaborating with them to take them through the process and into a 3-5 minute finished film.

Besides being a radical experience for us and the artists.... (the challenges of collaboration, learning to the max, sticking with timelines and thinking outside of the box....) I have loved going into the homes of each of these artists. Besides prepping the scripts and storyboards, overseeing the interviews and shooting the footage, I've managed to make some time to shoot my favourite details of their places (with my iphone).

The more I spend time with these artists the more I acknowledge myself as an artist too.
It's artist by artist by artist!

I'm presenting you two of the artists today and more soon!

Here is Peter Carnavas. Children's book author.

Pete found a banana tree in the backyard and shared his lady fingers. This was SO welcome, with the price of bananas at the moment.

The first thing I saw was his hand drawn welcome sign.

Next to his desk was this illustration that looks like his family to me. All of them, the great love, he carries.

For the film he created this sign for his room. Hand drawn props rock!
Christine Elcoate
is directing the film on Pete. Her idea is to have him illustrate the scenes that come to life.

Pete presents as a quiet man but he comes into his fullest self when presenting his illustrations and stories to children. They actively listen and he feels heard.


This is Kim Schoenberger. A discarded object sculptor and ceramic artist.

This is Kim's self portrait. (the one on the left)

Kim rummages through skip bins to find the objects for her stunningly awesome work.

I saw this on her desk. She told me I could have it. LOVE!!

Kim's house is full of objects that make me yearn to create. Macrame hangings in the loo inspire me!

This is Christine's gloved hand playing with one of Kim's works. She helped us record sound at the shoot. Kim's film is being directed by Pat Flynn, a children's book writer.

Kim's houses of discarded objects show us how beauty can be found in what we consider 'junk'. Her pieces speak to me, in ways I can't articulate. Their creation has been a healing process for Kim who feels she has been discarded too, in life. Kim describes the synchronisity of how her art comes together as magical, because you can't control what you find or how it turns into something before your eyes.

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How you make a gorgeous magnetic chalkboard

Go to a regional opshop and find the old pictures in frames, tucked into the dusty corner.


Pull it apart, if painted just double check if person is famous now, otherwise discard...

Choose your most gaudy golden frame, bigger the better.


Find a lovely chap to cut you a piece of steel. This was Tony's computer's CPU (in a former life). Lightly sand it and ensure it fits in your frame.


Spray with primer - I used SLS Etch Primer "rust guard" by White Knight.


Spray with Black Chalk Board Paint and when dry, reinsert.


Stick on your magnets, add your chalk and be photographed!

Hang it on the wall for notes and messages and PLAY.

I'm using this tomorrow at a wedding...

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Photographing Strangers

Alain does Portrait of A Stranger project for ABC Open from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.

It's a strange thing with my job... I find myself helping others to discover their strengths and build their confidence in photography. I even find myself trying to get people jobs that they are so deserving of.

It feels very selfless and gracious because I am a photographer too, but instead of worrying about my own photography career, I'm just focusing on others acheiving their goals.

One of my participants in ABC Open is Alain Bouvier, a French man whose English is better than he realises. Alain took on the 'Portrait of A Stranger' project and I filmed one morning of him getting portraits of folk in Cooroy, Sunshine Coast.

I think it might just be a bit inspiring and that, ultimately, this makes me happy.

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Look Inside The Dream

Behind The DreamBox from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.

This is the 'making of' the DreamBox - a film I just edited. The Dreambox was a creation of Solua Middleton and myself as part of our gig with ABC Open. It's sometimes cheeky, but most definitely inspiring. Enjoy :)

Background: We took it to the Bumehla Festival in the Gold Coast which was part of the NRL All star match. See my previous post here. And all our resulting portraits in Flickr.

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