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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Alana and Stevie Wedding

This was a most stunning wedding at the Packing Shed in the Perth hills.
A photographer's dream... featuring rustic country decor, garden games and a hazy sky from a far off fire.

And those hot red shoes...

Now I'm scouring the Queensland Sunshine Coast for wedding photography locations, planners and celebrants so that I can do the same over here.

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Pick a Posie

In Cottesloe you can get lost traipsing through alleyways. You lose all sense of direction and it is delightful! I started worrying about Perth's gentrification disease though when I saw this laneway:

Bad Laneway:

And contemplating how this wouldn't happen in Melbourne because they understand! They know the value of character. But not in Perth. We like concrete. But it also has to do with our age. We are still trying to prove we are a city, and quickly. So we are building cheaply and uglyly because developers don't know shit, are just after a quick buck and anything creative or environmental is so token!

God, I think this could be my biggest angry-issue. If you can't beat it, move. So many creatives already have...

But anyway, in celebration of character-filled, overgrown delightful laneways, I bring you today's posey picking extraveganza. It's a hark back to my days as an 8 year old where I'd pick posies and sell them outside the corner store for 50cents to buy lollies. They always sold!

Good Laneway:

On the weekend I was talking to this lady and she said 'How old are you?' and I said '31' and she said 'Keep it up!'

So I am continuing to grow the child-like qualities which are concentrated at present on the top of my head. Namely two buns and coloured ribbon. Sometimes accompanied with skipping but mostly with humming.

Now I add to it flower collecting.

And as a conscientious thief, I will only take from a plant that is plentiful in flowers and growing over a fence. Not a feature and not really cultivated. Verges and vacant blocks are good too. These roses for example were offcuts I found outside someone's garage!

Here are my treats. Yes, the laneways include things like lemons and chillies. cute!

Posey number 1:


Posey number two:

So much better than buying some generic overpriced bunch from a flower shop!

tra la la...

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Dessert Club at C Restaurant

The second Dessert Club was hosted by the revolving inner city Perth restaurant - The C Restaurant - and a myriad of thin french waiters.

I bring you the results....





We gathered on a long white table and let the city swing by.

The first Dessert Club brooch was handed out for everyone to adorn.

Designed to resemble the mood of the night,
at each club meeting a new collectable design shall be gifted to attendees.

We had some old and some new members together, sharing their dessert fantasies.

Decadence is best when surrounded by decadence.

When the desserts arrive everyone shared.
Plates travelled back and forth between hands.
We had little tastes of fried strawberries, panacotta and jelly,

souffles, chocolate sauce and squiggly wafers.

I started feeling woosy half way through my muscat when I realise how fast we were actually travelling.

Then there was the flaming Miro designed piece that was doused by liquid cream.

Nothing was left except fork patterned chocolate smudges.

Then a co-founder stole the piano to play Billy Joel and David Bowie (by request).

The dessert of our dessert. We ownz this restaurant people!

Til next time....

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