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    Why People Photograph
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    by Andreas Moritz
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    by Chogyam Trungpa
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
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  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
    by Master Choa Kok Sui

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A Doodle A Day

10am every day my phone tells me to Doodle!

I am just going to try this idea to build a collection of my thoughts. A 5 minute daily practice that results in... I don't know what!

You want to join me?

Every day I am contemplating something, at least one something... I get little insights of wisdom but they come and go through my seive-like mind. I'd like to put things down on ipad paper... so I'm using NoteShelf and a stylus.

I have had a lot of inspired thought lately about love, often that emerges in challenging times. 

If I am going through crap I still notice this observer in me that is detached from the whole egoic emotional drama. That is a part of me that has become louder and louder through meditation and mindfulness. Well in actuality it's the other part of me that has gotten quieter so I can hear this other self.

I now feel like I can cope with a lot more things and have greater capacity of self preservation and happiness, because I recognise the inner peace behind human suffering.

So that's the immediate ground from which I start with my doodle a day idea...

I've always wanted a nickname and now I have one. 
I love to be a playmate in life.

I recall reading about the idea of how you hold love in your life.
An open upturned hand is still supporting and tending to love but it allows love to fly, blossom, be it's most incredible form. It can be effortless. It should be.

A downturned hand that grips and holds on for fear of losing love, well it crushes it, it can't breath, it feels trapped and possessed and eventually that love will become so liquid it will slip out of your fingers...

The theme of the past week has been yin and yang.
My dad gave a speech at my sister's engagement and talked of how it works in their relationship.
I was so proud of him.

Yin and Yang seems to me to be that balance of opposition that allows a whole to maintain its dynamism. The magnetic nature of opposites is an undeniable attraction, but the importance of commonality can't be denied either as we need to connect this way too for a sustainable relationship.

Nothing is perfect, not even yin and yang, the reality of the whole is there are still pointy bits and complex shapes, not one but many aspects. Yet when mapped out we may find that the mirror we need is still there in our relationship. We can see how the differences provide the lessons we need. And that sometimes what we perceive as different is coming from the same source of insecurity. 

It's all a beautiful complex whole that we can learn to appreciate!

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A List for A Lover

Can you imagine if you created a list
of 100 things you wanted in a lover
So detailed that when you shared it with a friend
They'd say you're an absolute dreamer!

"You really gotta let go
Your expectations are too high
You're being far too picky
You could fall in love with any guy"

But no no no
i want to dream
and ask for all the things
that he could be

why not get specific
and ask the universe
i want this guy to
break my curse

So I made a list
it was long long long
And I put it a book
but had not forgotten

I'd pull it out and read
and sometimes do an edit
I guess I thought perhaps
this is how I shoulda said it

Then I saw a healer type
She said you write THEN let it go
and trust the universe will deliver
this really perfect bloke 

So be clear
and be decisive
you may as well know
it all precisely 

So I left the list a
long long long time
I forgot its details
I forgot the lines

It was many years later
that I met a man
as soon as I set eyes upon him
I thought, YOU, you I understand

I think I know you
I'm not quite sure how
There's something about you 
Have we met before now?

And then just 11 days later
I opened up the book
with a deep breath
I took a long long look

And as I went down the list
I began to tick
when I got to the end
there was only one thing I didn't pick

He's not exactly 6 foot tall...


Mum's Wisdom

My mum would say that she isn't religious or spiritual.

But mum is a thinker and with that she develops wisdom.

She has spent the last few days contemplating relationships and emailed me this morning.

This is what she wrote:


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Does Facebook beat Blogging?

Weeks have gone by since my commitment to blog every day in June.

Here's how it went, visually…


And no activity in July.

So that's less blogging ever since I 'committed'!

But so much has happened since then. So much does happen, generally, in my life.
But in July more poignant things, more upheaving, more new starts. Yet I blogged none of it. 

My Facebook friends however did get a taste of that journey.

It's quite easy to put together a one sentance status update.
And to feel something and share it immediately.

Snatches and grabs, that's what Facebook is and what the people seem to want.

Perhaps also what I mostly feel I have time and energy to do!

If I track my blog readership alongside the use of Facebook it looks something like this:

Yet I still keep my blog. Without it I would just have Facebook. And that would limit my audience to 'friends'.

What if I want to just put something out there to the world, a greater idea, show off some artwork, be found by strangers? I'd have no where to do it without my blog!

So I still feel I need that space. I have also linked myself so much to my online presence that it feels like my voice would be taken away if it were. It's like I would disappear.

But Facebook would fill that odd void albeit to a limited group.

I contemplate detaching from the 'need' - but I won't, not yet.

However I will make no promises of quantity or quality - to you or to myself. (Seems to have the opposite effect!)
So whatever happens will be it!

And I've learned that I will always do exactly what I want, at the end of the day.

Here are my Facebook status updates with illustrations to fill the gap of time flown past… make of it what you will!


I have 24 weddings ahead of me. #lovefest


You cant make a wish on this frosted dandylion

I must now pack for 4 destinations of different climates!
Cairns sydney thailand perth home...


Gee I miss this. Sitting around in my undies cause it's too hot for clothes.
Hello Cairns!


I really really am grateful for my really really true friends!
Thank you for make life's journey all the more better.


You know you're addicted to good coffee when you ask the taxi to drive out of the way and wait 10mins.


It dawned on me that thai massage is enforced yoga.

In Thailand pink isn't a girl's colour. It's on cabs, boy school uniforms, everywhere.
We came to the conclusion that pink is simply 'happy red' in the land of smiles. 

Sunset over the ocean. Glad we have these in perth every evening!



Hello everyone in Perth. I am here to stay. xo



I do not accept winter.


I have to stop dressing like cat burgler #bringbackmyrainbows


Right, so I've been back in Perth for about 5 minutes and I'm already planning a trip to Tassie, a trip to Burma and a Sydney retreat. hmmm, guess you can't take the gypsy outta the girl!!!


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From Misery to Happiness

It's a challenge when you feel blue to move towards a happy space, cause it takes energy that is often hard to find when you are down.

I'm living in a very cold place, in more ways that one right now. And I found myself spiralling into the blues.

I started looking at flights to Cairns today for a quick-fix get away attempt!

Today, this is what I did to shift and feel better!

(In chronological order)

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An Instagram Love Story


I discovered Instagram a week ago, in a park, in Armidale NSW.

For those that are at least a week behind me, Instagram is a free smart phone ap that takes photos that you can apply a range of funky filters to including colour and focus effects AND geo-locate them and then share them with friends, following any number of people and their beautiful views of life!

As a sometimes-slack-photographer, I love using my phone and clicking to create effects. It's far more versatile than Hipstamatic which you know was my camera of choice in India and the USA!

Looking back through my week of Instagram photos, I realised that they tell the love story that occured concurrently...

I sat outside at the NERAM gallery cafe where I'd get my morning coffee and it was here that I took my first Instagram photo of a man reflecting.

My coffee was delivered by the owner, Rowan, and I showed him my photograph and put it on the cafe's Facebook page. We struck up a friendship consisting of shared nerdiness, beatles lyric quotes and an identical cutlery collection.

It was raining a bit and very chilly for December, so I wandered into the Museum of Print under the gallery.

I played with the letterpress to create a christmas card I imagined giving to friends. I could spend a week down here!

But the next day, Rowan asked me out.
We only have a week but 'why not', we both thought.

So we ate brilliant food together as much as we could.

We drank martinis and margaritas together when we could.
And sometimes apart - him working and me playing with Instagram.

We discovered a tiny rabbit at the cafe and I made a dozen new friends.

I followed him on errands as any time was good time

I picked flowers from his garden for glass jars we bought at the tip shop

I immersed myself in fresh produce and his housewarming party

We didn't get much sleep

I never made any more of those letterpress cards but nothing seemed more right than to rest the one print I did make against a vase of flowers on Rowan's porch.

It's almost Christmas and now my poem makes perfect sense.

So I'm contemplating Armidale and continuing a love story...

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Dissecting the Heart

I've often pondered where the heart shape comes from.

Doesn't look much like our blood pumping, fleshy organ.

Here are my thoughts:

A heart shape represents so much more than our heart. It represents love, the heart of our being.

The Heart Chakra

Our heart chakra isn't positioned where our heart is, instead it's in the upper middle of the chest.
This chakra is the energy centre of our openness - our ability to love and be loved.

As it is with all chakras, they are in the centre of our body. That's because we want to be symmetrical, balanced, with our energy coming from the core.

So the heart-shape is, likewise, symmetrical. It could represent our heart chakra.


The Act of Love

It dawned on me that the heart shape could also define the direction of giving love, and receiving love.

Like a topographic view of a hug.

We give love out, like out stretched arms. Then that process draws love back in, filling us.
There is no such thing as running out of love to give. Love is a bottomless cup.


I've been seeing heart shapes in lots of places lately. Here are some of them photographed.

"Love was not put in your heart to stay, love is not love til you give it away" - a fortune cookie I once had.

So I left a little love in my morning walk.

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From Blues to Bliss

Like an old log with hundreds of staples... I got into a bit of a blue state last weekend.

It resulted from going out to a club against my heart's desire and subsequently feeling like I was a) invisible b) ugly and c) unhappy.

I emailed a friend, my favourite knight in shining ink, who wordsmithed me back to a neutral level. I was reminded to NOT go to bars and expect any gratification and that I am beautiful to those that matter. This is not a space for me.

The next day the blues lingered as I walked by the lake to the farmers markets... but when I arrived I saw a friend holding beautiful roses and I thought 'I want!' so I went to the stall's man.
"Yellow for friendship" he said and then grabbed a bunch with a pink one in the mix. This made me happy. That's so me.

On the walk home I really saw the beauty of the lake, and instead of crossing the bridge, I walked down the slope and sat underneath it with my roses.

Rather than pass beauty by, I thought I'd take my glimpse into immersion.

The water was such an incredible teal.

The sky, an endless deep blue.

The distant sound of children giggling and dandelions skimming across the waters surface.

It caused me to shift. I suppose like a therapy, if you sit in beauty and observe, it starts to alter your mood.

I took this concept with me today, even though I was feeling pretty good.
I drove to a crochet class, following an urge I'd had for a while, I put all else aside and just went.

I loved learning something new with ol biddies whilst being given cups of tea
and being told I was very good for a beginner (always helps).

When I went to the van a man approached me to see if I wanted to sell it.
After ten minutes he had offered to teach me to surf and sail and I went on my merry way on a high.

I decided to take this vibe further and stopped at Cooroy Botanic Gardens which I had only heard about.

As soon as I walked in I saw two birds I'd never seen before. Unnoticed by other passers by.

Each step I gently took didn't seem to scare them. I couldn't believe how close they allowed me.
I had a little chat and whistle with them and then took a snap.

A tawny frogmouth I later find out.

And the beauty of everything in the park, people-less, came crashing into my heart.

I saw things I'd never seen.

A snowing white jacaranda

A cluster fig

I really wanted to analyse why I felt so good, how everything seemed to be so gorgeous and my life felt flowing.
I was afraid that if I thought too hard about it that it would slip between my fingers.

But I can't really help myself.

So my theory is that if you really do what your heart wants, in any moment, then life unfolds for you, just so, just beautifully.
And if you open your eyes to explore the space in which you heart is blooming, then this enhances the joy you feel.

Words never do convey the greatness of the experience, but I'm trying. And perhaps with pictures, you get more of the feeling.

Try it and see?

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100 dolls, countless hearts!

 There's that little gap between pressing send on an email with an electronic PDF of a 200 page Indesign document and when it arrives in the mailbox to be unwrapped, revealing itself as a 3 dimensional glossy ex-tree smelling object!

I'm always impatient!

And it was a proud moment when I walked into the kitchen with my latest design in the pulp!

Here are some shots of the 100 Dolls, Countless Hearts book which I photographed and designed. You can see some of the 'making of' in my previous post Old chooks and dolls.

Buy it! It's inspirational, beautiful, just $30 and all proceeds go to orphans in South Africa.

As part of the design 'experience', I received many messages from the Uthando Project coordinator, Georgia Efford. She doesn't spare positive feedback when she's whipping me day and night with the most insane timeframe I've ever experienced! But I love Georgia's enthusiasm and relentlessly positive thinking.

Here are my favourites quotes of Georgia-inspiration that kept me going til the end.

"Jesus and all the apostles would be proud of you little miracle worker"


"I don't know truly how to thank you. Nat, it was way beyond the call of duty... and kept on being like that to the last gasp."


"Nat, you are a little humdinger, as my Dad would say."


"Nat, the book feels as if we are bringing some peace to the world."


"Absolutely thrilling Nat. I truly love your way of putting things together beautifully."


"You have accomplished marvels today Nat! xxx"


"You are most generous and are earning lots of Light Units"


"Hi Nat, the more i think about you juggling all these elements the more I love what you do and the can do attitude. In retrospect, the funniest thing was me confidently saying "Oh Nat we will have the text ready for you when you arrive!!!!!!!!!!" How did you cope with so much unknown all the time?"

That's my favourite. Real acknowledgement of the challenge. And that's what you want from clients. Awareness and appreciation.

And for such positive feedback, acknowledging my accumulating light units towards my ascension to heaven, I'd do it all again!

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I like to work with children and animals

at the same time.

I started off as a rock n roll photographer.
Then I moved onto arty stuff, nature and portraits of folk in the country.
Recently I took up the wedding photography with real heart.

Now, all too soon it seems, I'm working with babies and animals. It's only natural, since when they get married, they.... buy a puppy - and later have a baby...

Here are Sam and Stu my Brisbane buddies and their new creation, Toby.
(and Roxie the puppy too).

Honestly, you can't really make a bad photo of a cute little button like Toby!

Should I start another website called 'I heart babies'?

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