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    Why People Photograph
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    by Andreas Moritz
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    by Chogyam Trungpa
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
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  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
    by Master Choa Kok Sui

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A Stranger To This Land

5.30pm, sunset looming, exhausted from another day in the office.

I decide to jog to the beach to get my system moving.

As I arrive the sky is purpling and my body feels alive. I am feeling that nature-connected goodness feeling. I find a grassy mound and do a few yoga stretches.

It's becoming dusk now and I hear a voice and turn. There's an elderly bearded man emerging from the dark with his wife.

"Is that a star?" he asks.

I look at the only bright spark in the sky.

"I don't think so... hmmm not sure, no, probably not."

He replies, "We are from Norway so we are not familiar with these skies but it looks like a star".

I feel really quite disappointed that I don't know if it's a star. It's my local sky.

"It's probably a satellite, it's just too bright. It's the only one in the sky. Sigh.... I'm skeptical about stars in the city"... I say.

And off he wanders still hoping it's a star and I jog back home thinking about who I can call to confirm either way because if it were a star I would like to spend more time gazing at it.

I felt a bit sad hearing a couple weeks ago that falling stars are not falling stars at all, just debris from satellites and metiors burning up in the atmosphere. It makes sense because I had been concerned with the number of stars we lose per night...

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A Doodle A Day

10am every day my phone tells me to Doodle!

I am just going to try this idea to build a collection of my thoughts. A 5 minute daily practice that results in... I don't know what!

You want to join me?

Every day I am contemplating something, at least one something... I get little insights of wisdom but they come and go through my seive-like mind. I'd like to put things down on ipad paper... so I'm using NoteShelf and a stylus.

I have had a lot of inspired thought lately about love, often that emerges in challenging times. 

If I am going through crap I still notice this observer in me that is detached from the whole egoic emotional drama. That is a part of me that has become louder and louder through meditation and mindfulness. Well in actuality it's the other part of me that has gotten quieter so I can hear this other self.

I now feel like I can cope with a lot more things and have greater capacity of self preservation and happiness, because I recognise the inner peace behind human suffering.

So that's the immediate ground from which I start with my doodle a day idea...

I've always wanted a nickname and now I have one. 
I love to be a playmate in life.

I recall reading about the idea of how you hold love in your life.
An open upturned hand is still supporting and tending to love but it allows love to fly, blossom, be it's most incredible form. It can be effortless. It should be.

A downturned hand that grips and holds on for fear of losing love, well it crushes it, it can't breath, it feels trapped and possessed and eventually that love will become so liquid it will slip out of your fingers...

The theme of the past week has been yin and yang.
My dad gave a speech at my sister's engagement and talked of how it works in their relationship.
I was so proud of him.

Yin and Yang seems to me to be that balance of opposition that allows a whole to maintain its dynamism. The magnetic nature of opposites is an undeniable attraction, but the importance of commonality can't be denied either as we need to connect this way too for a sustainable relationship.

Nothing is perfect, not even yin and yang, the reality of the whole is there are still pointy bits and complex shapes, not one but many aspects. Yet when mapped out we may find that the mirror we need is still there in our relationship. We can see how the differences provide the lessons we need. And that sometimes what we perceive as different is coming from the same source of insecurity. 

It's all a beautiful complex whole that we can learn to appreciate!

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Drawing for The Greens

I design The Greens members magazine 'Green'. 

I use my design and photography throughout the mag, like this shot above I made up a ballot box and logo and asked my friend to be the hand model. (Thinking she couldn't go wrong she actually admitted that she did once stick a slip into the wrong section of the ballot box and a box deconstructing debarkle ensued! How she does these things I'll never know...)

Naturally with Green magazine we get lots of wordy and intelligent articles but sometimes they are lacking an image to go with them! It's not like pollies are going around snapping conceptual shots to go with their idealogies, so that's where I come in.

I use the opportunity of some white space to create a doodle that makes the page more interesting.

And as a picture book reader from way back I need a quirky picture to draw me into an article!

Here are some of my favourites...


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Judge me by my Book Cover

I've been working with supreme social media strategist Dionne Lew on some e-book cover designs.

It's one of the great design jobs for thinking conceptually within a small rectangular space. I love to summon up my creative connections and think pictorially about the message of the book.

Sometimes I just channel an awesome idea... 

Like the first book, Relevance!:

I was thinking about old things no longer being relevant and naturally a dinosaur floating away on a pink balloon popped into my brain - it captured the essence with humour and heart.

Dionne then thought I was a genius of design and could read her mind.

But it's not always that easy...

The pressure was on for book 2!

The Social Executive (gotta get social if you want to survive in the corporate world).

This time I really nutted out a brief, asked a bunch of questions, tried to understand the market, the message, the feel... and this is where I ended up after all that.

It's corporate, it's connected, it's technology...

But sitting back, Dionne wasn't so convinced. Words like 'new age' and 'xmas' were being bandied about, much to my disappointment and lack of conviction.. it seemed with all the trying and planning the end result wasn't really right.

It's a pretty personal thing for an author to feel the cover speaks to them. And sometimes that freaks me out! What are the chances you'll get it just right?

But Dionne threw a new idea at me.

And this is what we got.

I think I do prefer it.

Dionne loves it.

The overall feel is good. It's not trying to do too much and that's the art of good design I think - SIMPLE but with a dose of WIT. Understated Cool.

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Botanical Illustration Inspiration

I have the chairs, I have the aspect, I have the place.

I can dream of how I will use this place and buy all the things to make that dream come alive.
But like all the porches with empty chairs, it seems that peoples' dreams often stay as ideals never to be embraced.

I want to sit on this wooden bench with tea.
I want to draw whilst the rain gently falls. 
I want to watch sunset with gin and many many friends. 

Thoughts of yesterday.

Today I leafed through a magazine, saw this gorgeous illustrator, Katie Scott.

And so I sat in my garden, plucked some fallen botanicals and drew with inspiration.

And now as the rain settles in on this Saturday I await friends to admire the sunset through a sky of clouds.

I'm doing it!

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The Anatomy of Anger

Last night I went to a lecture. It's not often I do things like that. But when I returned to Perth and was feeling like being all "grab life by balls and do stuff" this was one of the things I signed up for.

Of course weeks later I turn up and I'm sitting there thinking how I'm uncomfortable, would rather be at home, do I really need to hear this.... I seem to _always_ schedule things for myself that by the time they arrive I no longer feel the passion for. So what did I get out of this lecture in the end?

It was at The School of Philosophy and it was on 'The Anatomy of Anger' by Dr Clive Lamond.

I didn't take notes because I didn't think I'd read back on them but I have a shocking memory so I am likely to forget it all anyway. So instead after the lecture I just drew some things that stood out for me.

I like little symbols for ideas, they work as reminders for the meaning.

The first thing I remembered was Clive describing the concept of dark can't defeat dark.
Anger never solves Anger.
And yeah it made perfect sense, you can't make a dark situation lighter by applying more darkness.
You have to shine a light on it to change it!

The Inner Hexagon.
Have you heard of it?

I hadn't known of this analogy before. Story goes, a peaceful Indian dude (Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati) was asked how he felt about the end of WWII and said that there would be no real end to war or peace unless individuals dealt with the inner 'war' which he described as the inner hexagon. 6 elements we fight within ourselves.

He said these inner enemies are:
ambition, anger, greed, false attachment, vanity and jealousy

The actual quote I just found is:
"Real victory is that, after which there can never be a reverse.  Nobody can call himself a victor forever merely by crushing an external foe, because such foes can spring up again. A real victory is achieved by bringing under control the internal foes. A check over the internal enemies is therefore the only way of conquering the external enemies forever, because we should bear in mind that it is our own internal enemies which create the external enemies."

So much more eloquent this dude...

Then we did the anatomy part and I liked seeing a diagram of the brain showing how huge our reasoning section is, our frontal lobes compared with that tiny pea-sized part responsibe for our more basic instincts and body-on-auto stuff. This includes (can you work it out from my pic?) anger, emotion, sexual desire, breathing, heart beat and pressure, fright/flight. 
The point made was that we can actually control these instincts with will power (once they arise!).

I don't often like to think how I'm better than a lizard, but perhaps it's worth noting the difference. I may have these auto things pop up but I am able to reason and CHOOSE a response. 
And most of all I love this plasto-lastic-tastic idea that we can change and grow our brains! So I can train it. Suddenly there is no 'I can't' but we all could!

And lastly, this little point he made in question time was the major thing I got out of the talk !

He said "We can't dig a well if we just keep digging new holes"

"So find one practice and follow it through!"

And a light went off in me.... that's what I've been doing! I try everything and don't really stick with one thing. And the more styles of meditation, yoga, exercise and self-help I come across the more bloody holes I have and I seem to get further away from some of my deeper goals.

Can you see what things _could_ be like?


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Does Facebook beat Blogging?

Weeks have gone by since my commitment to blog every day in June.

Here's how it went, visually…


And no activity in July.

So that's less blogging ever since I 'committed'!

But so much has happened since then. So much does happen, generally, in my life.
But in July more poignant things, more upheaving, more new starts. Yet I blogged none of it. 

My Facebook friends however did get a taste of that journey.

It's quite easy to put together a one sentance status update.
And to feel something and share it immediately.

Snatches and grabs, that's what Facebook is and what the people seem to want.

Perhaps also what I mostly feel I have time and energy to do!

If I track my blog readership alongside the use of Facebook it looks something like this:

Yet I still keep my blog. Without it I would just have Facebook. And that would limit my audience to 'friends'.

What if I want to just put something out there to the world, a greater idea, show off some artwork, be found by strangers? I'd have no where to do it without my blog!

So I still feel I need that space. I have also linked myself so much to my online presence that it feels like my voice would be taken away if it were. It's like I would disappear.

But Facebook would fill that odd void albeit to a limited group.

I contemplate detaching from the 'need' - but I won't, not yet.

However I will make no promises of quantity or quality - to you or to myself. (Seems to have the opposite effect!)
So whatever happens will be it!

And I've learned that I will always do exactly what I want, at the end of the day.

Here are my Facebook status updates with illustrations to fill the gap of time flown past… make of it what you will!


I have 24 weddings ahead of me. #lovefest


You cant make a wish on this frosted dandylion

I must now pack for 4 destinations of different climates!
Cairns sydney thailand perth home...


Gee I miss this. Sitting around in my undies cause it's too hot for clothes.
Hello Cairns!


I really really am grateful for my really really true friends!
Thank you for make life's journey all the more better.


You know you're addicted to good coffee when you ask the taxi to drive out of the way and wait 10mins.


It dawned on me that thai massage is enforced yoga.

In Thailand pink isn't a girl's colour. It's on cabs, boy school uniforms, everywhere.
We came to the conclusion that pink is simply 'happy red' in the land of smiles. 

Sunset over the ocean. Glad we have these in perth every evening!



Hello everyone in Perth. I am here to stay. xo



I do not accept winter.


I have to stop dressing like cat burgler #bringbackmyrainbows


Right, so I've been back in Perth for about 5 minutes and I'm already planning a trip to Tassie, a trip to Burma and a Sydney retreat. hmmm, guess you can't take the gypsy outta the girl!!!


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From Misery to Happiness

It's a challenge when you feel blue to move towards a happy space, cause it takes energy that is often hard to find when you are down.

I'm living in a very cold place, in more ways that one right now. And I found myself spiralling into the blues.

I started looking at flights to Cairns today for a quick-fix get away attempt!

Today, this is what I did to shift and feel better!

(In chronological order)

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Musings On Love 3

A funny thing happened on the way out of the supermarket...

You've heard it said that Eskimos have dozens of words for snow.
They are so familiar with it that they can characterise all its differences and give it names suited to its forms.

So if Eskimos can do that, why can't we do that with love? Where are our dozens of words?
I would have thought we were familiar with it by now and could identify it's many shades and tones.

Instead we just say "I love you".

Currently in my life I could say "I butterfly you" or "I lust you".
How about you?

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Musings On Love 2

For one of my best friends who has been asking this question.

On the phone we ask ourselves, "What is a sign that our love is real, that our love is right?"
Are we expecting the correct thing? Does love take time and if so, how much time?
What about those stories of 'I just knew in twenty minutes'? What about the giddy, chest-pulsating excitement? Do we need that?

So is love a feeling of falling, losing ourselves, near-instant knowingness?

Or do we learn and discover our love through time and energy and choice?

It appears there are no rules. It works differently for everyone at different times. I'm learning that I can't uphold my parents' story as the one that will be true for me. I can't even refer to my previous experiences as what works... as they didn't really....

But I do believe one thing. True love is an action, not a place we find ourselves in.

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