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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    by Andreas Moritz
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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How to Get Fit 101

I write lists and plans on scraps of paper and don't look at them again.

and I say I'll do things before I go to bed and forget upon waking.

I've signed up for gyms and classes and let them expire.

I've bought a bike, yoga mat, hand weights and barefoot sneakers and they gather dust.

I exercise in fits and bursts.


And then I worked out how to be more consistent!

Use the one thing I use every day.

My phone.

I stare at my iphone screen about 100 times a day and it instantly makes me suck my gut in, not reach for the chocolate and start jogging on the spot.

People keep seeing it and going 'WHAT is THAT on your screen?' 

Interesting how this one image comes as such a shock!

'Inspiration' I say. Constant Inspiration.

Here's how I'm doing...

It's time for an updated picture though as I'm already not even 'seeing' the picture when I look at my phone.

Time for another inspiring body! 

[current mood] Coffee on Bike & Fleetwood Mac


Origami Order From My Tummy

When was the last time you spent an entire day doing a craft?

I dream of days just sitting back and making pom poms, handmade paper, lanterns, dioramas and painting eggs... I think that's why I want to either have some small children (who stay that way) or be a primary school art teacher.

Otherwise there just doesn't seem to be enough time for play!

But, I guess I can thank a nasty tummy bug for deciding it was time I sat in bed and did origami.

Back in January I passed by Jim's bookshop in Maleny and admired the hangings in his window.

I then somehow bumped into a youtube clip on how to make a Kusadama Starsea. Can't imagine trying to work it out with diagrams on paper - that's always been the challenge with origami, interpreting the instructions!

So I sat in bed on Monday and began the painstaking process of creating the 30 individual parts.

That's where I got to. Only 25 pieces to go.

Fortunately I was sick again today, and worse than Monday, I couldn't do anything else but gently fold paper...

A complete sphere.

I feel a bit better now.

[current mood] Multiple Men Mowing My Lawn & The Concept of Chicken Soup


Things that my mind amuses me with

I ran towards the parking inspector issuing my car a ticket.
I'm sorry, I thought I'd be back in time,
it's just that I was, literally, pinned down!

Acupuncture is a bliss

and I drove away on my cloud.

[current mood] Organic Bananas & Goenka Chanting



My Solar Complexus

I'm on a mission to cure my gallstone condition.
Just like Bust-a-Move I've been rapping away to myself all week.

And if you half know me, you know that I don't do things in half.
I have one month to expell these stones from my system or else I'll place myself under the knife.
The more I read about how you can totally DIY gallstone ejection, the more I realise these docs are hiding a lot from the general public because it won't fill up their pockets.
And this blog will highlight this hopefully.... but the proof will be in the toilet bowl, and I'll be sure to collect and post the evidence.
Stay tuned.

But in the meantime, besides all the dietary extremes I have embarked on, I just thought I'd showcase my external measures, which I think effect my internal measures.

I noticed two weeks ago I became a bit obsessed with yellow. I ran around Bali trying to hunt down the 'right' yellow nailpolish for my pedicure and just had to buy the yellow yoga matt even though I already have two (but they are ghastly blue!)

The colour yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra and that chakra governs digestion. So low and behold I am trying to feed this lazy chakra with yellow. Subconsciously and now consciously and with usual nattyness.

These are the two stones that I plucked from my little bag of stones. I charged them in salt water under the golden sun and gave each of them a job. Little Citrine stone is to support my gallstone softening and removal. The yellow jasper's role is to help with my digestion.

Chamomile tea is to be drunk 3 times a day. It soothes my anger which is important to help the bile situation.

I am eating many yellow things, like this dhal that's soaking. I'm doing lemons, bananas, sweet potato, peaches and mangoes.

I put on a copper bronze ring I had. I don't normally wear gold. But I only need to look at it, to relate the intention to my digestion and I feel better.

I like to wear my yellow underwear. But that requires daily washing!

Fortunately my hair was already blonde...

[current mood] Paul Kelly and fantasies about Paul Kelly


ps This post had many draft titles including

Gallstones Be Gone
Die Gallstones Die!

With Yellow I do thee kill
Eat my Sunny Disposition Stone B-i-atches
Blinded by the Sun-light
Hello Mellow Yellow


A bad Sunday is made better with a good Saturday

I had one of those super productive Saturdays.

I got my toenails painted fluro pink and did fruit shopping.


I bought two books needed for artistic excellence.

I photographed a baby for friends with much hilarity.

I started my long overdue scarf for the Warm Women project. It's a scarf going to women in camps up near the Burma border who get cold around this time and who make scarves for people like me! So I enjoyed knitting by the pool in my bikini.

I went to a community garden to take photographs for a website. And I was absolutely delighted with the way they came together! Here are more...

And rather strangely on Sunday, I was hit with a delayed Bali Belly horror story, which I managed with because I was able to still sit in the sun admiring my toes, reading my new books and knitting... and feeling okay that I wasn't able to do anything else.
If it hadn't been for Saturday's great effort.... I'd have felt a whole lot worse.

Yay for my past self being wise for my future self.

[current mood] Water & Unusual choices of songs stuck in my head.


The Journey to Health

I knew this guy, he was as round as he was tall. He sweated just getting out of a chair.
Every afternoon he'd be drinking beer and eating some greasy food between smokes.

One day he told me he modelled for a calendar for muscly people, years ago. And I asked what the hell happened? He said that he's an "all or nothing kind of a guy" so either he will work out every day and be a health nut or drink beer every day and be a fat nut (I guessed). I could not fathom this approach but have since noticed it as a common thing (especially with men?) that they prefer to do something whole heartedly or not at all.

I see this as a flawed and stubborn concept. And prone to serious accident. The journey is not gradual, not full of lessons, doesn't get cemented through failure and success. It's not balanced and it's not natural.

And what happens? Either the person looks up at this ridiculously steep path and just does not bother, instead goes and drinks a carton, smokes a joint, eats some KFC and reckons that is much more fun.

I have to admit that when I go too hard then I flip out and end up in the carpark of some fast food outlet secretly gorging on grease. It's too inbalanced - my 'dark side' doesn't get to live a little or at least get to work itself out through the process...

I went on a health retreat for my gallstones two weeks ago. It was called Misty Mountain. (Was brilliant). Every morning we had to exercise at 6am by walking/jogging the mountainous terrain.
As my uphill jogging reduced to a puffing kind of walk I contemplated this mountain and its metaphorical potential to be likened to health. I'm essentially getting to the top of a mountain but I'm going round and round, up and down to get there. Sometimes I'm on flat, running well, sometimes going up and struggling a bit, then other times I'm almost falling down the slope with gravity before reaching another up.

If the pathway had been carved just straight up the side of the mountain I simply wouldn't do it.

Instead I'm taking a scenic health journey. Learning so much, occassionally falling into some questionable habits but I am still heading up to the top of 'ultimate health'! The experiences I've had along the way are cementing the decision to move UP and inspire me to stay up.

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Pink Wee and Practicing German

For the second time I had to grab Christoph's arm and tell him he was driving on the wrong side of the road. I mean, I try to relax when someone else is in control of my vehicle. I really am aware of the influence of my parent's control freakishness and do not want to take ANY of it on. But sometimes, just sometimes you gotta check the gear is in fifth and that he is driving on the correct side as we turn a blind corner.

So I'm sitting in passanger seat, coffee all over the floor and on the weird 'donny darko bunyip skull' bone we picked up from a property we trespassed on. Jeurgen was sent flying backwards after putting his leg on electrical fencing so we all did crazy mcguiver maneouvers after that using branches to lift wire and crawling on our belly past mentally mooing cows signalling our arrival... and all so the germans could get to the top of a hill and eat a muesli bar. Slippery lichen patches and spikey bushes did make an enjoyable bushbash!
But I felt great that we made it back before the sun set, and we found a little curved driveway near by to camp in. Thrilling, gorgeous and free.
It pays to let go of security, camp kitchens, hot food and toilets. You get more adventure for your buck.
Plus you get to dream of waking up to discover you are really in a water adventure world and are sleeping in the entry!

Nothing like a bit of paranoia to give you creative new dreams!

So travelling to Melbourne with two German blokes and a bunch of organic beetroot, a juicer and Oscar the sheep loving dog is not your usual homegrown adventure. But it would be my style. I'm travelling with a 16mm gallstone which I refuse to have excavated along with my lovely organ. I want to give it a chance to dissolve. So far advice has been anythiing but consistent. All I know is to avoid fat in most forms, to take my homeopathic treatments (and have faith in them!), to drink organic freshly juiced beets twice a day and to chillax baby!!

The lady at the last road house was an absolute trollop about juicing my beets. I mean, she's like a sweet lookin lady on the outside, one of those long grey plaits tied into a bun, but on the inside, just charcoal. Bugger! Even with my sick plea: "I have a big gallstone wedged in a duct, and can provide beets and the juicer, all you need to do it juice! please!"

I insisted on paying but she wouldn't have it, she told me I was just lucky she wasn't busy...
Hmm, oops, I thought it would be a novelty.. but no. And after all her scowling, she even forced me to let her wash the juicer against my will saying it was "HER kitchen" and for me to "DO AS I'M TOLD, GIRLY!" I mean, is that any way to speak to a sick girl???

I do wish she'd just taken the money. How much would it have cost to get her to just shut up, juice and smile!?

Real busy day in Boxwood Hill

We are almost in Esperance and about to meet another random backpacker for a convoy. I'm excited! i am surprised I am so excited. When I left I didn't feel like leaving. I didn't know why I was going. And now I remember.
Freedom, possibilities, living in response to each day, no to-dos, no home-responsibilites, instead I think I am maybe not coming back. I'm going to pick cherries, make silver rings, work in organic cafes, sit under trees and read, meet the people that make fermented walnuts, run along beaches, fall in love, have my heart broken again, break more hearts, eat from the earth and hopefully dissolve this gallstone in the process.

Stay tuned for what happens on the road....

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Re-Entry into the City

Not so smooth...
The lifestyle I led in Wickepin has caused a long list of symptoms that have been diagnosed as three different problems by three different experts. But between the chiro, the doctors appointment, the ultrasound and the business meeting I managed to take a moment to grab a bunch of intense smelling Jasmine and whack it in my bun.

This was photographed on my 5 MINUTE OLD Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Woohooo!!

The jasmine fragrance was enjoyed by the reception staff and the petals were scattered around the doctor's room incidentally. I also managed to waft it around the faces of my clients. I think it made the day a touch more pleasant for everyone!

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