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    Why People Photograph
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Boobie Beanie


I live with a couple who are having a baby in two weeks! My sister showed me a pattern for a beanie that looks like a boobie.

It's a gag when you are breastfeeding your child, you can still show boob.
I thought I'd give it a go as a gift for them - with no idea how large a babies head is and no idea if they would really apply it to the babies head. It's a lot of effort for a joke!

It didn't quite fit the doll I tried it on.

But they have large heads in the family so I think the baby will grow into it soon enough.

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I just made a Kurt Cobain

I kept noticing as I leaned over my him with my hair draping all over his face that he looked very very familiar...

Do you agree?

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Social Media's Only Got A Sec

I've been playing around a lot lately with social media for promotion. You know there are no rules to going viral and certainly no hard and fast tricks otherwise everyone would be doing the formula!

Today I learned a valuable lesson. Good Quality vs Funny...

One would think that showing a delicious 3 minute film to the captive audience of a cafe's facebook page would be a success.

One day's work = 6 likes + 2 comments


But that wasn't really buttering our ego-bread.

Then today in the heat of a giggle I decided to photograph Rowan as a bridesmaid,
based on his sentiment at not winning at the Armidale Business Awards night "Always a bridesmaid" he kept saying.

1 minute = 20 likes + 4 comments

Now those statistics should make you sit up and listen!

People want funny, personal, unique and relevant stuff but most of all, something that's going to take them a second to see. Of course our hot chocolate film is going to hang around for a long time and be more of a resource for the cafe but it does make me think about how spontaneous and creative ideas should just be acted on and may be the truly effective difference in creating business.

Social media lesson 1 - over.

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How to: Annoy your OCD housemate

The lovely Alice has a slight condition. She describes herself as "a little bit anal" and you know what that means, if someone even acknowledges their desire to have all forks facing west then you know they are fully obsessive compulsive!

For some reason Alice and I were drawn to live together. I suppose there is something we need to learn from each other.

Alice needs to learn not to control me and I need to learn not to be controlled by Alice.

That was a joke (Alice!). What I really need to learn is how to be true to myself within a more controlled environment as well as partake in some of the order, respecting Alice.

Alice needs to learn how to not get wound up by my spontaneous, messy, creative chaos and let things flow more.


But it's fun to tease Alice...

Leaving a pear with just one bite sitting on the kitchen bench all day.

Not properly closing the pantry door which leaves the auto-light on.

Taking the ordered cutlery and turning a spoon completely upside down. I'm so crazy.

Mixing up the canned vegetables varieties and making a pretty pattern.

Leaving a giant pom pom on the sofa.

Turning the right nob to face right, not left like the left one.

Taking over the kitchen bench with your office, hard drives and dirty crockery.

I've noticed Alice is getting used to it now. I think she's learned all she needs to from me and it's time to move on. My job is done.

As a farewell gift I bought her these gorgeous, handmade, imperfect, colourful tea cups

and she really liked them.

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ps I warned Alice about this post and the information herein may be slightly exaggerated and I may have in fact learned a few things from Alice. I'm balancing out my freestyling condition with a good dose of zen-like cleanliness, attention to detail and some planning. Just some.


Tea Degustation Party

For a long time I've been picturing a tea degustation. I wanted to create morsels to go with different teas.

First you had to choose your cup.

Here was the menu:

Vegan Goodie balls went with Chai

Blueberry Friands went with Seduction Tea

Everyone had to wear a hat...

My felt number

Prize for the most effort went to Tami!

Sean wore the hat he never thought he would have the occasion for...

I was glad to see Cindy with a mad-hatter!

Even Oscar donned a 'hat'.


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Invitation with Song

The first version of song-communication arose with Solua Middleton sending me youtube video clips that expressed how she was feeling during conference calls with our bosses.

It became a bit of a continued conversation through song. Solua is a legend.

Most recently she emailed me a song to expressing how irreplaceable I am. She used the iphone ap 'Songify'.

I decided to one-up the use of song as communication by creating a Songify party invitation.

Tea party invitation by Natalija Brunovs

It's atrociously good!

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Nanna Knuckle Dusters

You know how you get funny ideas... have a laugh at them and then let them stay as a concept because the momentum isn't there to follow through?

Well I'm thrilled to say - I created a little idea/joke yesterday! It was due to needing to devise a gift for a very lovely someone - the perfect opportunity to just do it.

I was talking to Lenni, an artist, surfer and sprouter who used to live in my room. She said she wanted some fingerless gloves but I misunderstood her and thought she said 'finger gloves' - I was picturing a glove of just fingers and wondering how that could be... so we had a laugh about it.

Then I was invited to her 30th and thought I would make those finger gloves I imagined for her! So I set about knitting with various wool colours and tiny needles, the night before.

They looked so cute! I wasn't able to knit for all eight fingers before bedtime so I settled with 4 fingers and 1 thumb glove/cosy/warmer. I also wasn't sure how she would choose to wear them - All at once? Maybe even with a fingerless glove, to complete the look?

or just like rings, one at a time?

When she opened up her present last night and excitedly put four on her fingers and the thumb one on her nose, someone said 'hey they are like knuckle dusters!' and Lenni got around all night with her new spunky finger warmers.

I've since decided to call them Nanna Knuckle Dusters and if they took far less time, I'd sell them!

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Moving Home

Everytime I tell my mother I'm moving she says "Oh what a good opportunity to get rid of all your junk!" to which I reply "I don't HAVE any junk mum! Stop bugging me."

Now the first box is packed. With all the really important things.

See mum!

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That feeling you get at 10am on a Sunday

After another party...

And your throat serves you well...


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Film Noir Photo Booth

I like a black wedding...

Where the cheek and the raunch comes out to play.

For Caz & Nick I set up a photo booth as a silent film set with DIY subtitles.
It ended up being a lot more cabaret than class and the guests had a mini-riot grabbing at boas, top hats and rope.
I see it as a creative installation that adds another entertainment experience to the reception for those to enjoy between drinks and dances. I like how some people won't go near it and others come back with a different guest six times.
Hoorah for the Nat-ness I can inject into my wedding photography!

The groom and his mother - my favourite shot.

In-jokes may not translate, but this one is about how he once (drunkenly) climbed a pole as the best man and yet the groom who berated him used hand puppets in his speech.... so he considers his crime far less worse.

It really helps when the guests are sexy,

playful (per chance gay)...

and prepared to go where others might not.

It was even a family affair (PG rated)

The bride and groom getting in on the action.

It still cracks me up that I raided my folks' cupboards for props and discovered this baby doll (wtf are they doing with this?) and threw it in the bag of tricks. 

The bride's idea to provide Movember Moustaches (chocolate on a stick) also proved very wise for role reversals.

And others just laid on as much of the goodies as they could.

I wonder how they'll feel about these shots now....

I can't stare at my 'test shot' too long without cringing, but it's fun to throw yourself into the album!

Thanks goes to my gorgeous Narelle for being a stylist on hand (and for above shot).

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