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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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How to: Annoy your OCD housemate

The lovely Alice has a slight condition. She describes herself as "a little bit anal" and you know what that means, if someone even acknowledges their desire to have all forks facing west then you know they are fully obsessive compulsive!

For some reason Alice and I were drawn to live together. I suppose there is something we need to learn from each other.

Alice needs to learn not to control me and I need to learn not to be controlled by Alice.

That was a joke (Alice!). What I really need to learn is how to be true to myself within a more controlled environment as well as partake in some of the order, respecting Alice.

Alice needs to learn how to not get wound up by my spontaneous, messy, creative chaos and let things flow more.


But it's fun to tease Alice...

Leaving a pear with just one bite sitting on the kitchen bench all day.

Not properly closing the pantry door which leaves the auto-light on.

Taking the ordered cutlery and turning a spoon completely upside down. I'm so crazy.

Mixing up the canned vegetables varieties and making a pretty pattern.

Leaving a giant pom pom on the sofa.

Turning the right nob to face right, not left like the left one.

Taking over the kitchen bench with your office, hard drives and dirty crockery.

I've noticed Alice is getting used to it now. I think she's learned all she needs to from me and it's time to move on. My job is done.

As a farewell gift I bought her these gorgeous, handmade, imperfect, colourful tea cups

and she really liked them.

[current mood] Sushi & Other People Doing Hard Labour

ps I warned Alice about this post and the information herein may be slightly exaggerated and I may have in fact learned a few things from Alice. I'm balancing out my freestyling condition with a good dose of zen-like cleanliness, attention to detail and some planning. Just some.


USA Road Trip

I've spent the last 3 weeks on a road trip with a time-telling travelling-banana in the United States of America.

I started with my great friend Liz and then met my family for a road trip through Louisiana.

As per my nature, I didn't take any photographs with my pro camera. I prefer, when on holidays, just BEING.

I still think like a photographer and see the photos all around me, I just don't take them home with me.

Others choose to put an electronic device between themselves and the moment. I like to have direct connection to the experience.

There are a few moments that I just want to shoot though... my memory isn't good and a photo can be a trigger for a whole event. So I whip my pocket sized phone and snap.

Here are those VERY FEW moments...

America: The only place you'll find Spam Sushi. A rainbow over the bay in San Fran as we walk back from our trip to Alcatraz. Reminds me of our nights in San Fran with sailors, strippers, karaoke and, of course, our good friend, booze.

The beautiful Japanese garden in the heart of SF. A squirrel poses in a beam of light. The mossy bed around tree bases. Reminds me about the thrill of Japanese design: It's like perfect chaos. Everything is so rightly beautiful in it's inperfection.

Liz and I have a penchant for taking images of ourselves in the same environment I just realised.
Vegetarian Diner in Santa Barbara. Reminds me where I tried my first root beer and where we wasted hours of our road trip.

The morning after in pink robes at The Madonna Inn. A tastelessly designed motel on the road to Big Sur.
Each room is a different theme. It looked like a mini-Heidelberg. Reminds me where not to stay!

The curving coast road has these plants that look like massive feather darts all over the hills.
Reminds me how I majorly heart Big Sur, log cabins in the wood, fireside dining and American Indian everything.

Liz and I part. I meet my family and head to a Louisiana ranch. It's horse-everything. The guy has a full nightclub out the back, so are forced into family-fun-time, karaoke and line dancing. It reminds me of fun in the oddest of places.

If that didn't kill me, this nearly did. The state fair, healthiest choice was a Turkey Leg. It reminds me of torture.

Something came over me and I bought some genuine Texan cowboys boots (made in Mexico)
and we visited our long lost great-uncle who took us through every variety of Oak tree he planted 70 years ago. It reminds me of the grandfather I never had and where many of my traits come from.

The family then hit the road to NOLA (New Orleans). We ate at Slim Goodies Diner - best breaky out! We dropped by one of mum's old schools. It reminds me of what typifies America's deep south.

We stayed in a 1800's mansion and we all wanted to buy one. This idyllic life contrasted with the gentle crazyness that was New Orlean's Bourban St. Had a ball. I danced to the Cajun washboard in the middle of the day with freelancing hoolahoop artist and co-ordinated dance groups. It reminds me how a city that is based on music is a beautiful place to be in.

My favourite moments were joining a moving-street-party that roamed with a bicycle DJ and scooter bar. I took over a piano at 'the oldest bar in the state' and made a new friend bashing out some notes, looked up and the room was strangely cleared. I ate 3am pizzas, french donuts, burgers and fries, gumbo, fancy scallops, and drank some of the worst coffee known to man. I actually had FUN with my family.


America delivered! And I'll be back for more.

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Tea Degustation Party

For a long time I've been picturing a tea degustation. I wanted to create morsels to go with different teas.

First you had to choose your cup.

Here was the menu:

Vegan Goodie balls went with Chai

Blueberry Friands went with Seduction Tea

Everyone had to wear a hat...

My felt number

Prize for the most effort went to Tami!

Sean wore the hat he never thought he would have the occasion for...

I was glad to see Cindy with a mad-hatter!

Even Oscar donned a 'hat'.


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Nanna Knuckle Dusters

You know how you get funny ideas... have a laugh at them and then let them stay as a concept because the momentum isn't there to follow through?

Well I'm thrilled to say - I created a little idea/joke yesterday! It was due to needing to devise a gift for a very lovely someone - the perfect opportunity to just do it.

I was talking to Lenni, an artist, surfer and sprouter who used to live in my room. She said she wanted some fingerless gloves but I misunderstood her and thought she said 'finger gloves' - I was picturing a glove of just fingers and wondering how that could be... so we had a laugh about it.

Then I was invited to her 30th and thought I would make those finger gloves I imagined for her! So I set about knitting with various wool colours and tiny needles, the night before.

They looked so cute! I wasn't able to knit for all eight fingers before bedtime so I settled with 4 fingers and 1 thumb glove/cosy/warmer. I also wasn't sure how she would choose to wear them - All at once? Maybe even with a fingerless glove, to complete the look?

or just like rings, one at a time?

When she opened up her present last night and excitedly put four on her fingers and the thumb one on her nose, someone said 'hey they are like knuckle dusters!' and Lenni got around all night with her new spunky finger warmers.

I've since decided to call them Nanna Knuckle Dusters and if they took far less time, I'd sell them!

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Craft for Dummies

With all those delightfully chic books out like Crafty Minx teaching modern girls how to sew bunting flags, stuffed owls, retro aprons and pinwheels...

I think the world needs an antedote. And what was formerly titled 'knitting for retards' I'm now thinking should be more PC-ly titled 'Craft for Dummies'.

It's an imaginary book (cause let's face it, I'm never going to find time to do it) in which I demonstrate how crap knitting and craft can be made to work! Because I'm a lazy-crafter and I'm not one to read instructions or follow patterns... I want to encourage others to just 'give it a crack' and accept the quirky outcomes.

My neighbour Karen and I came up with lots of stupid ideas for how to utilise holes in jumpers, but leaving that aside, I thought I'd take you on my crappy craft adventure - cause clearly I have to provide examples for my book.

I went with my Karen to our local Allo Allo french pattiserie for our weekly cake and tea catchup. This time she brought her basket and wool and taught me a bit more about knitting. We decided to make a teacosy.

An hour or so later I'd managed to get into a rhythm with my knitting and realised I'd gained a few too many stitches. Karen suggested I make a waterbottle cover instead. Brilliant!

We stayed til close and made friends with the owners as we'd taken over the space like two old french maids.

I ran out of the one ball and so created the reverse side in another colour. It means I can flip it over depending on my mood. I'll never be bored!

Now i know this doesn't look OVERLY crap but let me just tell you that you'll find the waterbottle cover rather loose. I also like seeing this as a cute turtle neck jumper for an armless child.

With inspiration in my footsteps I kindly accosted my neighbours daughter and said "let's make a cute bunny".

I think you'll see her expression says it all. "You call this a bunny tail??"
Yep, her mum actually had to pull her back in line for laughing so hard at my terrible terrible representation of a bunny.

But I'm certain that a pair of eyes and mouth will make this munted rabbit much more lovable.

to be continued...

or not.

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Pass on the Pom Pom

Every guest from the last month contributed to The Giant Pom Pom.

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Two Monday Stories

Story One

So many people I know are snowed under with work. And yet we keep on doing it. It's something we can't currently seem to escape. And there isn't enough time for things like playing, resting, chatting and blogging!

I'm learning how to reduce the load:

1. Decide what's important in your life.
2. Say NO to what doesn't support your greatest needs.

Sounds simple doesn't it..... but what happens is we forget in the moment of question and base the decision on something that isn't actually that important (money/cred/fear).

Megan: Do you want to do this work?
Nat: [Sees dollar signs glitter in mind's eye] Yes.
Megan: Great!
Nat: Oh crap... I just said yes.

So the trick is to create a 'rule' - whatever will become learnt off by heart and give you space to remember what's important. (eg: I don't take on new work without referring to my to do list and considering for 24 hours.)


Story Two

I went to a party on the weekend. The theme was Where's Wally. I thought there would be one Wally and I'd be the background. Was quite wrong.

But amongst all the red and white stripes and glasses I noticed a different coloured Wally. He was Greek Wally aka 'Woggy' (he said).
It was a meeting of hearts and I thank the Wally party for this 'breaking of the pattern' to draw him to my attention.

As I skipped away into the night I tripped and skidded across the pavement. With hands and knees grazed and bleeding, I was suddenly seven years old in the playground.

But this time I laughed rather than cry....

In so many ways we don't change but we do grow up.

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Thanks for the music

Someone just posted me some music to return me into the present day.

I decided to thank them by showing them my interaction with it.

Rainy Sundays inside with the need to blog and no shame.. that's what you get to see!

Me Dancing and Me Playing Saxophone. FOR DP. xo

Please note: I am not stripping although it appears I start that way. And I haven't played the sax in over ten years...

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I'm here and You're there

I'm here.
So I took some photos on my crappy (non-iphone) mobile to share my scrabble picnic in the park.

You're there.

And, simultaneously you took some photos of your beach scribbles reflecting on


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Stepping Back into Childhood

Every few years I venture back to my home town of Sydney and take myself on a bus ride to my childhood home. I take the same route I would on school days and get off the bus in my suburb of Riverview. I walk down my street which is over in three giant steps (used to be an adventure to go from one end to the other) and stare at my house as the memories flood back. I can't look for long, it's like I've entered a past life, like a dream, and I can't quite touch it, I can't see anyone I know, I stare into the past and feel like a ghost floating through my old life.

I head to the park and cover my old tracks past the mulberry tree, the tidal pool and to the concrete box we used to sunbake on. It's there I tend to get overwhelmed with a loss that I'm yet to understand. I head back up to the corner store and look at the step I sat on to sell posies to earn money for lollies, the park we make-believed in, the trees that smell like times long ago.

Part of this self-guided journey of going back in time is catching up with old primary school friends.

This trip I met some I hadn't seen over 15 years. And I told them my most prominent memories of them. I like that my memory is different to theirs, something they've forgot, something I can share with them like a little gift.

Here are my drawings of some memories I have of my primary school friends.

In year four we planted a bean in cotton wool, when I went to your house you had a huge vine growing and mine was long dead. I thought this was reflective of your high achieving nature.

I'm sorry that I made you cry when I forced you to put a stocking over your afro so that we could perform a more 'creative' performance of 'Lean on Me' for our parents.

Your toy 'Wazza' caused me to doubt your sanity, especially when you brought him to camp and spent the majority of our bush walks talking to him (and rubbing lanolin on yourself constantly).

Remember those mischievous prank calls where we pretended to be calling from 'Neighbours' and we were running a musical instrument guessing competition in which people could win a television? I felt terribly guilty when one lady screamed with joy that she had won.

Jess G:
You were the prettiest girl in class and because of this you could get away with your spit trick where you'd eat a redskin and be able to produce red spit in a long piece and then suck it back up instead of it hitting the ground.

Jess F:
You were sex obsessed. When you sent Monique that postcard which had your invented word 'sexcellent'. Her mum called your mum and you got busted. You went too far.

Jess F:
I had to give you two memories. I distinctly remember you coming back from the bathroom to proudly annouce that you had counted three pubic hairs.

You taught me how to make origami stars and we'd fill up jars whilst your brother played computer games and you ate weird asian lollies.

I don't know where you are now, but I stayed at your house and the door slammed causing a porceline doll to fall and break. Your mum came in to hit you with the spoon causing me to run away in fear and I peed on the newly shampooed carpet. I'm still pleased about this because your mum was a bitch.

In kindergarten I thought you were cute, but why did you have to peek under my dress on the day my mum insisted on me wearing some bright red silk undies she told me were 'french knickers'?

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