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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Nourishing Newborn Mothers

Did you know that a woman's body goes through the most change after she gives birth (rather than during pregnancy)?

I didn't!

Makes sense now that the body is trying to completely re-adjust in a very short space of time and add to that the need to look after and feed your tiny child. No wonder so many new mums suffer from depression and other coping issues.

I recently met a doula (support person for pregnancy and labour) who wants to put her knowledge into a book. She believes that one of the key ways to heal a woman's heart is through her stomach.

So she's creating a cookbook designing to guide a woman week by week with her changing dietary needs to support her system, all backed up by ancient ayurvedic (indian health) tradition.

So I'm going to photograph and design the book (yay! yum!)
but firstly we're doing the crowd funding route - on Pozible!

Check out the film I made about the project. It gives you a little taste for the yumminess to be found when we create it.

(and may I add that the stew and chai were divine!! I look forward to devouring more as I shoot...)

I'd greatly appreciate your support (get a copy for $50 (rrp $75!) or share with possible new mums and related health practitioners.


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I just can't get enough

I was in Turkey some years ago and made this little video at some markets in Istanbul.

I think I'm going to do more 'spontaneous acting' as this still delights me.

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Making Mojitos in Mae Sot

It was dusk. We were cycling along the wonky streets of the border town Mae Sot in Thailand and chanced upon a little bar.

Mestizo Barr.

As the sky got duskier and we finished our Leo beers, I decided to wander off drinking course and try their Mojito.

It was so awful I took a photo of it on my phone. It seemed as though they had pulverised mint in a blender and added flat soda. I couldn't get it down - and I'm normally a tough cookie when it comes to drinks...

I felt it would be right to tell them how undrinkable it was and I offered to show them how to make a good mojito tomorow.

The manager, Lah said 'yes please!'

I did my mojito research and brought some recipes along on the laptop.

And off we went...

Get your ingredients - which are going to be paradise fresh in Thailand. Good start!

Take a glass and a big smile.

And you'll need the dregs of that bottle of white rum on the shelf.

Add a teaspoon of sugar to your squeezed lime

Add your mint and a bit of soda...

Muddle it together with the back of the spoon. Don't be shy! 

Use a good shot or two of white rum (or whatever is left in the bottle)

And Wah Lah! We have a pretty delicious looking mojito!

Lah's verdict "very nice!"
 I think we need to have Mojito Monday's now.

I agree. This is fresh!

I think Lah was very thankful ;-)

say hello if you are in Mae Sot!

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Social Media's Only Got A Sec

I've been playing around a lot lately with social media for promotion. You know there are no rules to going viral and certainly no hard and fast tricks otherwise everyone would be doing the formula!

Today I learned a valuable lesson. Good Quality vs Funny...

One would think that showing a delicious 3 minute film to the captive audience of a cafe's facebook page would be a success.

One day's work = 6 likes + 2 comments


But that wasn't really buttering our ego-bread.

Then today in the heat of a giggle I decided to photograph Rowan as a bridesmaid,
based on his sentiment at not winning at the Armidale Business Awards night "Always a bridesmaid" he kept saying.

1 minute = 20 likes + 4 comments

Now those statistics should make you sit up and listen!

People want funny, personal, unique and relevant stuff but most of all, something that's going to take them a second to see. Of course our hot chocolate film is going to hang around for a long time and be more of a resource for the cafe but it does make me think about how spontaneous and creative ideas should just be acted on and may be the truly effective difference in creating business.

Social media lesson 1 - over.

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The Making Of: Hot Chocolate

Have you been thinking about hot chocolate lately?

I think you will after this.....

Very cold winter days in Armidale have inspired many to enjoy one of the four (fairtrade and organic) hot chocolates that neram harvest restaurant makes.

I just so happen to know the chef. So I thought we should make a 'making of' film and play with my new Canon 5D Mark III! This is our day's work... yum yum, get warm!

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I've been spending the better part of February jamming.

And by that I mean fingers deep is crystal coloured jellies! Right from handpicking blackberries to gelling it up with sugar and packaging it with love and stripy twine.

Rowan took me down the garden path to the freshest of berries. He showed me the slightly matted blackberries at the tips of the bunch - for jam supreme.


We were alloted aisles 1-7. They were flush with ripe juicy packages as it's been quiet on the berry farm because of a very rainy New England.

Once I got those jams all bottled up I took Rowan's established style and finished it off with string. A different colour for a different jam.
Purple is for plum.

I just want to look at backlit jam all day
on wooden boards and with words made of string.

I'll let you know how business booms when we sell them at the local Armidale and Bellingen markets.

Here's my poster artwork dedicated to our jams at Neram Harvest, Armidale.

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Nanna Before My Time

I've been nicknamed 'Nanna'... and I don't find it very becoming. I know I have Grandma Hands - as they were full of lines since I was seven, but now I've coupled this with some heavy-duty crocheting.

Yes, I have been travelling for a while now with "three clothes and half an underwear" (credit: Nicola Harte) but have prioritised the inclusion of a fully kitted crochet bag.

As discussed last night with friends... as you get older there is a period of acceptance of not actually wanting to do what you used to do. For example, a couple years ago I would have forced myself to go clubbing and to late night bars whilst visiting Melbourne. I would have walked the streets all day, shopping and meeting friends and been damn exhausted but thinking that was what I was meant to be doing. But now I fully embrace that I want to simply sit on a good friend's couch, crochet, talk about life and drink one damn fine glass of wine. I don't have to prove nuthin!

Now I know that craft is oh so irritatingly hipster right now, but it does not detract from my delight at having learned to crochet and the incrementally improving quality of my productions.

I forced Rowan to give me an object to crochet and after some thought he came up with 'a breakfast radish'.
I had to google it and discovered it's like a radish and a parsnip and a carrot got together and made a three-way baby.

It's pretty accurate.... but I was sorely disappointed to discover on Google that other people in the world felt that crocheting a breakfast radish was also a good idea. How hard is it to be original? What is not crochet-corrupted yet? Can I truly make a soft and knotted version of something that hasn't been nannafied before??

I even joked with Cristina about 'haha, what next, a crochet eye patch??" only to discover that is like, so 2 years ago...

Well I'm going to try to find things (or more like NOT find them on the interwebs) to crochet.
Feel free to suggest...

I don't doubt I'll be over this phase soon and hopefully I will still find things to do when I am 70... or back to clubbing for me!

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An Instagram Love Story


I discovered Instagram a week ago, in a park, in Armidale NSW.

For those that are at least a week behind me, Instagram is a free smart phone ap that takes photos that you can apply a range of funky filters to including colour and focus effects AND geo-locate them and then share them with friends, following any number of people and their beautiful views of life!

As a sometimes-slack-photographer, I love using my phone and clicking to create effects. It's far more versatile than Hipstamatic which you know was my camera of choice in India and the USA!

Looking back through my week of Instagram photos, I realised that they tell the love story that occured concurrently...

I sat outside at the NERAM gallery cafe where I'd get my morning coffee and it was here that I took my first Instagram photo of a man reflecting.

My coffee was delivered by the owner, Rowan, and I showed him my photograph and put it on the cafe's Facebook page. We struck up a friendship consisting of shared nerdiness, beatles lyric quotes and an identical cutlery collection.

It was raining a bit and very chilly for December, so I wandered into the Museum of Print under the gallery.

I played with the letterpress to create a christmas card I imagined giving to friends. I could spend a week down here!

But the next day, Rowan asked me out.
We only have a week but 'why not', we both thought.

So we ate brilliant food together as much as we could.

We drank martinis and margaritas together when we could.
And sometimes apart - him working and me playing with Instagram.

We discovered a tiny rabbit at the cafe and I made a dozen new friends.

I followed him on errands as any time was good time

I picked flowers from his garden for glass jars we bought at the tip shop

I immersed myself in fresh produce and his housewarming party

We didn't get much sleep

I never made any more of those letterpress cards but nothing seemed more right than to rest the one print I did make against a vase of flowers on Rowan's porch.

It's almost Christmas and now my poem makes perfect sense.

So I'm contemplating Armidale and continuing a love story...

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Tea Degustation Party

For a long time I've been picturing a tea degustation. I wanted to create morsels to go with different teas.

First you had to choose your cup.

Here was the menu:

Vegan Goodie balls went with Chai

Blueberry Friands went with Seduction Tea

Everyone had to wear a hat...

My felt number

Prize for the most effort went to Tami!

Sean wore the hat he never thought he would have the occasion for...

I was glad to see Cindy with a mad-hatter!

Even Oscar donned a 'hat'.


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Ooh La La! La Latina

It's not every day that one of your best friends opens a cafe. It's one of those dreams I have, that all my friends have groovy bars and delicious cafes that I can just hang out at. Well I've got ONE now.

Cristina and her business partner Bel have opened La Latina Providores an authentic tapas cafe (and catering). They're based at the Subiaco Markets, Perth.
And it's REAL tapas, affordable and home-style. It's the kind you'd find in a Spanish bar.

And the reason I'm blogging about it is... I did the logo!

Cristina had visions of nouveau and a mature feminity (La Latina means The Latin Woman). I love that Cristina said "I just get her" and she is thrilled with the design. I like that statement because a designer's job is to GET you, no matter how different you are to them, in this case Cris and I think alike but I like to morph myself to think like the client and put them into the design as it's not about me is it?

I like seeing a design of mine utilised in dozens of ways.

And the cutesy loyalty card still brings me joy.

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