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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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Nourishing Newborn Mothers

Did you know that a woman's body goes through the most change after she gives birth (rather than during pregnancy)?

I didn't!

Makes sense now that the body is trying to completely re-adjust in a very short space of time and add to that the need to look after and feed your tiny child. No wonder so many new mums suffer from depression and other coping issues.

I recently met a doula (support person for pregnancy and labour) who wants to put her knowledge into a book. She believes that one of the key ways to heal a woman's heart is through her stomach.

So she's creating a cookbook designing to guide a woman week by week with her changing dietary needs to support her system, all backed up by ancient ayurvedic (indian health) tradition.

So I'm going to photograph and design the book (yay! yum!)
but firstly we're doing the crowd funding route - on Pozible!

Check out the film I made about the project. It gives you a little taste for the yumminess to be found when we create it.

(and may I add that the stew and chai were divine!! I look forward to devouring more as I shoot...)

I'd greatly appreciate your support (get a copy for $50 (rrp $75!) or share with possible new mums and related health practitioners.


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Joining Hands Across Australia

My old ABC Open colleague Tom Hearn runs Bush TV. He invited me to help make a video as part of the Generation One project. It's a way of getting kids involved in thinking about ending the disparity between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. They do this by asking kids to write rap lyrics, dance moves and a video of their performance. Over 100 schools got into it this year, some putting it into their curriculum.

I think this is an example of a great project!! It's cool, it's fun, you can win ipads... and it integrates the message.

So I went to Australind, south of Mandurah to help a primary school make their version.

Australind from Natalija Brunovs on Vimeo.


And it won a 5D Mark iii Canon camera.

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Artist Mini Docs Launch

I left my job as a media producer with ABC Open late last year just as I wrapped up the production of this series, Artist by Artist.

This was another one of Solua Middleton and my 'babies' that we got off the ground in our year of being B1 and B2. (First two to start).

I want to share with you these 10 films and the process because it was one of the most powerful, precious and successful things I have done in my life based not only on my own personal experience but the feedback I had from the artists involved. It all went well beyond our expectations in terms of personal growth and reflection on ourselves and each other.

The Artist by Artist process

Put 10 artists of different disciplines in a room for two days.

Take them through listening and sharing exercises to discover the depths of each others story.

Teach them the basics of storyboarding, camera shot styles and script writing.

Team them up with an unsuspecting partner and tell them they are making a film on each other.

Then spend the next 3 months in production and editing of these 8 mini docs!

The artists operated as directors of the films and I picked up some of the gaps in skills.
Most of these are my cinematography and many are my editing with the artist's direction.

So without further ado - I here by launch my unofficial online screening of Artist by Artist.

Please grab your drink of choice, snack of choice and enjoy the mini docs on artists by other artists.

Evangeline by Lin from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.


Lin by Evangeline from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.



Kim by Pat from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.


Pat by Kim from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.




Christine by Peter from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.


Peter by Christine from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.



Janna by Karuna from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.


Karuna by Janna from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.



Greg by Cindy from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.

Cindy by Greg from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.

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Just do it. From one artist to another.

Here is a short film I just finished about Tanmayo. An artist who lives in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.
She's an abstract artist with a grounded yet spiritual approach to her life, which she expresses through her art.

It was one of those jobs which you start and then you come across a bump, a little hill that seems just not quite as surmountable as you hoped. So then you leave it for a bit, and then a bit more... meanwhile that hill just keeps on growing. Every week, every month that you avoid facing the challenge it turns that little bump into a mountain.

Reminds me of when I tried to jump off a tall jetty last month. If I'd just run and jumped I would have been fine but instead I lingered on the edge, sizing it up and the fear of it just chewed me up til I crawled away from the edge and took the stairs.

So what did it take for me to finish it?

Well if I'm completely transparent it was Tanmayo saying "I'll pay you to finish it". I absolutely could not accept this as it was intended as a gift. I then realised I had no other choice but to let go of my expectations and as Nike once said 'just do it'.

And typically it just flowed together like magic and in two short days it was done.

Oh me, oh my, the brain has a lot to answer for!

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I'll take a photo of your teapot, for your teapot.

I love shooting things that I love. Such as this artwork 'Tea Brake' by Kim Schoenberger.

It seems I only shoot things I love... 

such as delicious food, photographed so well I want to eat it.

and old men, with their faces of wrinkles and hearts all melty. I just want to cuddle their quirky selves.

and then, of course, love ceremonies... where the beauty of the occasion inspires me with every shot.

and then, there is art!

Art that when I photograph it, I get so excited, I want it!

I had the privilege of taking photographs of Kim Schoenberger's assemblages. She makes them from discarded materials she finds in dumpsters and such places. The way they come together is some sort of magic. Unsuspecting pieces just fit into each other, Kim tells me. She seems to always find what she needs. And the pieces form, in many ways, themselves.

I set up my 'mobile studio' in her studio. Using a white table as a reflector. That's why they "pay me the big bucks". ah ha....

Keeping Afloat. You can see Kim uses clay with her metal pieces, to bring that earthy feel into form.

Domestic Duties - I saw this as a little robo-maid.

Be Love, Love Me.

I love this one too. Reminds me of an indigenous symbol - Wandjina. Or something of ancient, biblical symbolism. Those are clay-made bones, sticking out.

I met Kim through the ABC Open project Artist by Artist. You can watch this short film made on her, by children's book author Pat Flynn.

I did the cinematography and editing. Pat wrote the script and directed the piece.

Kim by Pat from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.


I HEART Kim and her work!

And what I find most excellent is the swapping of things for things - as opposed to money for things.

I chose the teapot as a little barter for a discount.

Now I need to find some fresh vegetables and some kind of shelter to photograph. That way I can really survive on this barter economy!

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Our aim was simple:

To make a music video clip

and to go VIRAL.

(please help us!)

But we got more than we bargained for, and have become the greatest of friends (having overcome creative-control freak clash). Ange thinks we are both 'silver backed gorillas' - I think what she is trying to say is that we are both desiring to be top of the animal kingdom of creativity but luckily she was able to step down and take my orders (not without minor insult and injury!) hehehe. We LOVE each other.

So here it is! The crafty stop motion video clip I made with/for Ange Takats, Sunshine Coast musician/singer/songwriter.

The Girl & The Glass by Ange Takats

And once you've seen that, you can watch the 'behind the scenes' comedy-drama that is...

The Making Of The Girl & The Glass

Spread it!

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Artist by Artist by Artist


I'm producing a project for ABC Open in the Sunshine Coast called Artist by Artist.

It's the brainchild of myself and Solua Middleton in the Gold Coast. We're teaming artists together to make a documentary on each other. We're training them and collaborating with them to take them through the process and into a 3-5 minute finished film.

Besides being a radical experience for us and the artists.... (the challenges of collaboration, learning to the max, sticking with timelines and thinking outside of the box....) I have loved going into the homes of each of these artists. Besides prepping the scripts and storyboards, overseeing the interviews and shooting the footage, I've managed to make some time to shoot my favourite details of their places (with my iphone).

The more I spend time with these artists the more I acknowledge myself as an artist too.
It's artist by artist by artist!

I'm presenting you two of the artists today and more soon!

Here is Peter Carnavas. Children's book author.

Pete found a banana tree in the backyard and shared his lady fingers. This was SO welcome, with the price of bananas at the moment.

The first thing I saw was his hand drawn welcome sign.

Next to his desk was this illustration that looks like his family to me. All of them, the great love, he carries.

For the film he created this sign for his room. Hand drawn props rock!
Christine Elcoate
is directing the film on Pete. Her idea is to have him illustrate the scenes that come to life.

Pete presents as a quiet man but he comes into his fullest self when presenting his illustrations and stories to children. They actively listen and he feels heard.


This is Kim Schoenberger. A discarded object sculptor and ceramic artist.

This is Kim's self portrait. (the one on the left)

Kim rummages through skip bins to find the objects for her stunningly awesome work.

I saw this on her desk. She told me I could have it. LOVE!!

Kim's house is full of objects that make me yearn to create. Macrame hangings in the loo inspire me!

This is Christine's gloved hand playing with one of Kim's works. She helped us record sound at the shoot. Kim's film is being directed by Pat Flynn, a children's book writer.

Kim's houses of discarded objects show us how beauty can be found in what we consider 'junk'. Her pieces speak to me, in ways I can't articulate. Their creation has been a healing process for Kim who feels she has been discarded too, in life. Kim describes the synchronisity of how her art comes together as magical, because you can't control what you find or how it turns into something before your eyes.

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Japanese Hearts

When I heard of the thousands of Japanese lives washed away in the recent earthquake-induced tsunami, I pictures the bodies being carried through the waves of water. I thought of those individual lives, each one a beating, real, full life of dreams and hopes and complexity, such as my own.

Often events overseas pale to our own daily lives, we're so caught up in our heads and can't empathise with the suffering of others.

I painted each heart. For each heart deserves its honour. Each warm, blooming, love-filled heart.
And then, like those hearts, I washed my art away.

Today's moody, misty and rainy morning started with the objective 'to do nothing'. I tried, but something always ends up being done. This was it.

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Fantasy Ireland and Swell Secret

I do love making up titles for these ABC Open pieces. My little wordsmith comes out .. and ooops, another pun! Maybe I'm paying for my street press days of constantly daggy headlines?

I'm not sure how I manage to write the articles for these pieces though. I suppose it's all the blogging that has helped the words just flow out. AND I never thought I'd be writing content for the ABC. Gee life is a pleasant surprise.

So check out these two favourites of mine!

Both produced by young people.

Fantasy Ireland by 16 year old photographer Bene Bess. Just gorgeous
and Swell Secret by journalism uni student, Matthew Howard.

At 10pm last night I was placing the finishing 'wave sound' touches into Matt's piece and I contemplated why I'm so driven to make these perfect. It's like the world will revolve around these pieces!
I guess that is what makes me the kind of girl for this job. I can't help myself. It just has to be as good as it can be. Is it the ego? The reflection it will have on me? The desire for SUCCESS for the project, for the participant and ultimately me? (me me me)...

Well, I think my degree of care is a good thing no matter what the motive, because at least the participant can know that they are working with someone who genuinely wants their work to shine.

Some don't neccessarily know that, or 'tap that' .... but eventually they may realise that listening and learning is the key. And I, in turn, let go and listen to them (when Im not being a total control freak - hehehe).

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ABC Open

This is a scene from work today. We were actually experimenting with sound recording and seeing if indeed a belt can sound like an old creaky boat. It does!

I'm working with a guy called Matt to create a mini-film on a surfer who grew up in Cotton Tree. SO naturally we needed some sound effects to go with it.

It's funny how you can collect sounds. I've dingled my wind chimes for fairy magic noise, shaked my egg-shakers for snake rattles and climbed up hills to record birds and leaves shimmering. Each of these productions is rich in layers of image AND sound.

If you haven't checked it out already, go visit the new ABC Open website. The first project is an incredible collection of black and white audio slideshows. They are vignettes of people, moving portraits if you will. The theme is change and each is under 3 minutes. So go take a journey to discover some curious, inspiring and heart warming characters.

Each piece has been a collaboration between an ABC media producer and a member of the community.

This one is a result of me working with Grant Meyer from Maleny.

16 year old called Anneli was born with a range of complications and her mum was told she wouldn't live. But you should look at her now! She taught herself to read by watching Pokemon, she writes about characters from the books she reads and she dreams of being an animated voice!

It's great to have such insight into someone with a disability. I don't get the opportunity often enough.

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