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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Drawing for The Greens

I design The Greens members magazine 'Green'. 

I use my design and photography throughout the mag, like this shot above I made up a ballot box and logo and asked my friend to be the hand model. (Thinking she couldn't go wrong she actually admitted that she did once stick a slip into the wrong section of the ballot box and a box deconstructing debarkle ensued! How she does these things I'll never know...)

Naturally with Green magazine we get lots of wordy and intelligent articles but sometimes they are lacking an image to go with them! It's not like pollies are going around snapping conceptual shots to go with their idealogies, so that's where I come in.

I use the opportunity of some white space to create a doodle that makes the page more interesting.

And as a picture book reader from way back I need a quirky picture to draw me into an article!

Here are some of my favourites...


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Making Time for a Couple of Logos

I have been extremely immersed in photography these past months, and specifically weddings. I shoot sometimes 3 times in a week which leaves me with 4 days of editing. Somebody recently brought to my attention that I don't have a day off... I didn't even realise that I work every day! How crazy is that! 

I guess because I don't even perceive it as work. It's definitely a passion and sometimes an obsession, i just want to shoot, edit and showcase!

But I think there is this thing called 'balance' which I've left well in my past, it's where you make time to do other things, and allow yourself to forget about work and not look at the interwebs or screens or pixels... and instead do things like buy rose bushes and lie in salt and sand. So with some strong reminders of the benefits of 'time out', I've started trying this idea of 'not working on Sunday and Tuesday'. So far in the past month I've had one real Tuesday off and two Sundays... a good start :-)

And part of this process has being learning to say NO. And mostly NO to design work. I have to let it go for a while....

but occassionally I can't help meself!!

Here's why:

The Education Union came to me needing a little brand for their Stop Tafe Cuts Campaign. And I know I can help them now and quickly to get a striking little logo they can use to promote the cause.

It's a case of 'I can do it and I can do it now'.

So really I did whip this out quick smart like a stirfry.

I like to see logos in contexts as they need to work well in multiple applications, that's often part of their charm and effectiveness.

Here it is reversed out on an image.

So that is one of those feel good, contribution jobs I struggle to turn down.

And here is another, different opportunity I struggle to say NO to...
A cool one!
Design a brand for a new cafe. Um, yes please!

Little Sisto is in Doubleview on Sackville Tce. It's an understated, sleek and spacious cafe with primo coffee. The owner comes from a large Greek family and was the youngest of 6, hence her name Little Sisto which means Little Sister.

I could see this logo in my mind pretty early, as a collection of sisters and her highlighted as the little one.
If you're interested in analysis: it's the greek turqoise sea blue that is referenced, and the triangles represent women, our shape, our skirts even, all different sizes but powerful little mountains that we each are. They are a cluster, a family, but the little one can often be the stand out, the special-treated one, the base of the family.

I look forward to sharing more photos once the signage is up and the branding is rolled out!

back to the photos now...

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Judge me by my Book Cover

I've been working with supreme social media strategist Dionne Lew on some e-book cover designs.

It's one of the great design jobs for thinking conceptually within a small rectangular space. I love to summon up my creative connections and think pictorially about the message of the book.

Sometimes I just channel an awesome idea... 

Like the first book, Relevance!:

I was thinking about old things no longer being relevant and naturally a dinosaur floating away on a pink balloon popped into my brain - it captured the essence with humour and heart.

Dionne then thought I was a genius of design and could read her mind.

But it's not always that easy...

The pressure was on for book 2!

The Social Executive (gotta get social if you want to survive in the corporate world).

This time I really nutted out a brief, asked a bunch of questions, tried to understand the market, the message, the feel... and this is where I ended up after all that.

It's corporate, it's connected, it's technology...

But sitting back, Dionne wasn't so convinced. Words like 'new age' and 'xmas' were being bandied about, much to my disappointment and lack of conviction.. it seemed with all the trying and planning the end result wasn't really right.

It's a pretty personal thing for an author to feel the cover speaks to them. And sometimes that freaks me out! What are the chances you'll get it just right?

But Dionne threw a new idea at me.

And this is what we got.

I think I do prefer it.

Dionne loves it.

The overall feel is good. It's not trying to do too much and that's the art of good design I think - SIMPLE but with a dose of WIT. Understated Cool.

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Too Precious To Lose

I had the opportunity to create a logo for The Greens newest campaign 'Too Precious To Lose'.

It's a very much needed campaign as our incredible Australian environments continues to get chewed up by mining (and all those that want to profit as a result). It makes me deeply ill to think of this 'consuming' of our environments for what is a very temporary result - keeping up our ridiculous, modern, unsustainable lifestyle.

And to what end? Driving around and living in McMansions until we have no beauty left on our planet? Just so you can watch tv shows about the species that were in the previously pristine places? 

So, naturally...

I wanted to create something that gave an immediate sense of hope and importance to our beautiful places in Australia whilst paying respect to the indigenous heritage of our land.

I literally made the logo with pebbles - which I photographed.
And I hand wrote the name.
I love making logos with my hands (not entirely with a computer).

It's also weird seeing your writing everywhere, something I've done a few times now!

Like this squiggle I did as part of the RTR FM logo.

And this painted text I did for Spinifex Hill Artists.

And the drawing and writing for Ellenbrook's 'Great To Be Here' campaign.

What was wonderful with the Too Precious campaign was that I had to supply them some templates and logos and leave it up to each state office to create their own design. I think they did really well as I just received a package in the mail with samples from across the country.

I love the use of the icon as a marker on the map of Australia, showing places nominated by people as 'too precious to lose'

Go and help save our precious places!

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Eve Naturopathy

I still operate my little 'seedpod' design business between photography gigs. I don't think I'll ever give it up as I can't resist the opportunities that come my way. I must get my website back up as there is so much stuff I've designed over the past few years that no one would know about! (add to my to-do list)...

I will share a few things I've done recently over the coming weeks.

Here is a card for Eve Naturopathy and Massage.

I brought together Kate's taste in colour and style in bottle green and sea blue.
The gradient of colour represents the setting sun, an evening.

I created a feminine feeling logo, the curves of woman, the flow of life.
And incorporated a full moon to represent ovulation, and thus fertility and completing the feeling of 'eve'.

All printed on recycled eco stock.

I think a business card has these purposes.

1. To create interest and intrigue in a potential client.

2. To reflect the values and quality of the business.

3. To be a confidence booster for the business, something they are immensely proud of that makes 'selling themselves' easier because the card does some of the work for them.

And point 3 is the most important I think because self belief and confidence go very far when it comes to self promotion.

Therefore pleasing the client is actually my top priority.

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Covered in Green Ink

I'm loving my new found role as a designer for The Green Party's Bob Brown's office. I'm able to use my skills for what I believe in. I've been thinking today about how if everyone gave their specific talent to the causes they resonate with then change really can happen, as a team.

Bob's team are developing some fresh materials that I can really sink my creative teeth into and step away from the greeny green look that we might expect from The Greens.

In the booklet is a "happy selectivity" of quotes from media sources not owned by Murdoch that paint a picture less-biased than what we experience in mainstream press.
Quotes come from sources like The Monthly, Quarterly Essay, Crickey and The Age.

Gold, Lime, Teal and Turquoise with a splash of Hot Rose!

I like designing Green without grass green sometimes.

Next job is a campaign brand called 'Precious Places' that will be about protecting our Australian Icons.

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Picking up the pieces of January

Hey remember me? I use to blog n stuff on this site.

Well life has been getting in the way - and it's been really interesting, so interesting that i had to ask my boyfriend if he was real and if this was a dream? It's just that I'm so out of my usual context that it's causing some kind of existentialist crisis...

Well then he pinched me and said "See! It's not a dream" but that didn't prove he was real so I pinched him back!

I'm living half my life in Armidale NSW, with my little office set up in the corner of a beautiful restaurant, designing fun things.

and then I flit back to Perth every month to shoot weddings and hang out with my family...

Sometimes I look through my phone to remember who my friends are (helps with guest lists for parties) and sometimes I look at the photos to remind myself what I've been up to.

Here are some reminders of my life that has been...

The chalkings for the production of artwork for Andrea Gibbs and her upcoming show 'The Allnut St diaries'.

The finished artwork.

The insanity that was me collecting dozens of Greek and Italian props for a wedding photobooth.

And the results...

Then there was the 'photographer that cared too much' deal sealer when I made a huge green triangle cake.

With my mother.

For the Greens Party member's magazine.

My company (Seedpod) is now the design and editing team for Green Magazine which will relaunch in 3 months.

So the upcoming months will see me busier still but I am now reading David Allen's 'Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity' to get more of a meditative grip on my working life.

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100 dolls, countless hearts!

 There's that little gap between pressing send on an email with an electronic PDF of a 200 page Indesign document and when it arrives in the mailbox to be unwrapped, revealing itself as a 3 dimensional glossy ex-tree smelling object!

I'm always impatient!

And it was a proud moment when I walked into the kitchen with my latest design in the pulp!

Here are some shots of the 100 Dolls, Countless Hearts book which I photographed and designed. You can see some of the 'making of' in my previous post Old chooks and dolls.

Buy it! It's inspirational, beautiful, just $30 and all proceeds go to orphans in South Africa.

As part of the design 'experience', I received many messages from the Uthando Project coordinator, Georgia Efford. She doesn't spare positive feedback when she's whipping me day and night with the most insane timeframe I've ever experienced! But I love Georgia's enthusiasm and relentlessly positive thinking.

Here are my favourites quotes of Georgia-inspiration that kept me going til the end.

"Jesus and all the apostles would be proud of you little miracle worker"


"I don't know truly how to thank you. Nat, it was way beyond the call of duty... and kept on being like that to the last gasp."


"Nat, you are a little humdinger, as my Dad would say."


"Nat, the book feels as if we are bringing some peace to the world."


"Absolutely thrilling Nat. I truly love your way of putting things together beautifully."


"You have accomplished marvels today Nat! xxx"


"You are most generous and are earning lots of Light Units"


"Hi Nat, the more i think about you juggling all these elements the more I love what you do and the can do attitude. In retrospect, the funniest thing was me confidently saying "Oh Nat we will have the text ready for you when you arrive!!!!!!!!!!" How did you cope with so much unknown all the time?"

That's my favourite. Real acknowledgement of the challenge. And that's what you want from clients. Awareness and appreciation.

And for such positive feedback, acknowledging my accumulating light units towards my ascension to heaven, I'd do it all again!

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Old Chooks and Dolls

Grannies, zulu dolls and a whole lot of "The Nat on the farm goes click click click".

(Quote from a song to get a child to pull a happy face for my camera).

This is my life right now. Most of it anyway.
I've been putting in the hard yards in the last week working on a book for the Uthando Project. (and woman on a mission - the radiant Georgia Efford).
Today was spent adjusting photographs, conceptualising the layout and borrowing mum's sewing machine to make stuffed letters.

I stuffed up the stuff, but it was just to show how we'll do the cover type for:

100 dolls

Then exceptional artiste, Lynne Tognolini, started blanket stitching some felt letters which are looking super sweet.

I'm doing most of the photography and the design of this book which is due to print in two weeks. (!)

Here is a sneak preview.

The book will feature words from organisations in Kwa Zulu Natal - South Africa about the state of human affairs, children's lives and how dolls made by multicultural Australians are making a real impact in the lives of families.

Photos above supplied by NGOs in KZN

The book will feature a range of portraits of the doll makers from Australia, from all different backgrounds.

And all different ages

I suggested we mix up the portraits by asking people to bring their own background fabric, something with meaning to them.

Each maker will tell us a little about their childhood experiences.

The book will tell us the power of these little dolls to enable a child to grieve, express, understand and feel the love. The doll 'experience' runs deeper still as the makers teach other makers, here and in South Africa. The dolls are also used as a medium to teach psychology principles to caregivers and highlight the importance of play for a child's growth - and as a child's right.

To quote Anne Sorenson "I've got the doll addiction, but it's a good addiction to have".

The book will have all the patterns you need to sew or knit dolls from babies to grandmas to warriors.

Essentially, it will be a resource for organisations around the world, as it presents a template for making culturally relevant dolls and how to work with the caregivers and communities.

To find out more about the Uthando Project visit www.uthandoproject.com

You can even buy my documentary film there for a $10 donation. I made it a couple of years ago in South Africa.

For now, I'm head down in the book, but there is always time for some music and dancing on set.

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I heart my wedding card

It took me some months, but I finally pressed 'PRINT' on my wedding photography cards.

They are on a Dalton boxboard stock with a grey brown pantone ink AND super spunky pink metallic foil.

It's near impossible to photograph a foil well because however it catches the light makes it look flat, so to show you I took a series of photos and animated it. So, you can see how pretty it is to play with in the light.

I'm now sending them out to folks who can pass them on to prospective couples.
Know anyone? Want some cards? Email me your postal address and how many you'd like.

I'm also making little concertina fold out samples. A lot of love is going into these so they're for venues and wedding suppliers and folk that can show future husbands and wives. If you would like one, please email me!

I've just featured one of my latest weddings on my website.
I make up names for the pages, so rather than "Alicia & Shane", I've called it Fall: In love.

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