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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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craft flat lays

My house is like an ADHD craft bomb site at the moment.

I've got mere days before I'm no longer on holidays and free to play so I'm playing hard while I can.

I did NOT set these shots up they are actually all on various surfaces in a room that shows you the stuff I'm up to.

These are tiny clippings of flowers from verges near my home. I'm testing out their hardiness and use for tiny buttoneires for an event I'm running.

I've been breaking my hand doing calligraphy for name badges for this same event. Because it's for wedding industry people I'm a little wary of my writing attempt looking amateur but I think it'll have to do! The plan is to adhere those tiny bouquets to these name badges somehow...

I'm now obsessed with succulents and the apparent ease at which they are to grow! So I've gently snapped off all the leaves of all the succulents I have at home and am drying them out so I can then set them up for self-generation. It's like growing money really because of course I've fantasised about having a nusery of these cuties!

And then there is crochet. Sure it's a granny hobby to some and maybe I'm ruining my future retirement activity but I wanted to remember how to do it so I'm back in the rhythm and got it happening. I'm building a colourful blanket of granny squares right in time for summer at this rate. Ha!

As I'm pretty idea-mad, I'm planning to combine all my ideas to create little crochet cosys for tiny succulent pot plants with a hand calligraphied name. of course!

Honestly I don't know if I have time for work when there's so much play to be had.

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Boobie Beanie


I live with a couple who are having a baby in two weeks! My sister showed me a pattern for a beanie that looks like a boobie.

It's a gag when you are breastfeeding your child, you can still show boob.
I thought I'd give it a go as a gift for them - with no idea how large a babies head is and no idea if they would really apply it to the babies head. It's a lot of effort for a joke!

It didn't quite fit the doll I tried it on.

But they have large heads in the family so I think the baby will grow into it soon enough.

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Nanna Before My Time

I've been nicknamed 'Nanna'... and I don't find it very becoming. I know I have Grandma Hands - as they were full of lines since I was seven, but now I've coupled this with some heavy-duty crocheting.

Yes, I have been travelling for a while now with "three clothes and half an underwear" (credit: Nicola Harte) but have prioritised the inclusion of a fully kitted crochet bag.

As discussed last night with friends... as you get older there is a period of acceptance of not actually wanting to do what you used to do. For example, a couple years ago I would have forced myself to go clubbing and to late night bars whilst visiting Melbourne. I would have walked the streets all day, shopping and meeting friends and been damn exhausted but thinking that was what I was meant to be doing. But now I fully embrace that I want to simply sit on a good friend's couch, crochet, talk about life and drink one damn fine glass of wine. I don't have to prove nuthin!

Now I know that craft is oh so irritatingly hipster right now, but it does not detract from my delight at having learned to crochet and the incrementally improving quality of my productions.

I forced Rowan to give me an object to crochet and after some thought he came up with 'a breakfast radish'.
I had to google it and discovered it's like a radish and a parsnip and a carrot got together and made a three-way baby.

It's pretty accurate.... but I was sorely disappointed to discover on Google that other people in the world felt that crocheting a breakfast radish was also a good idea. How hard is it to be original? What is not crochet-corrupted yet? Can I truly make a soft and knotted version of something that hasn't been nannafied before??

I even joked with Cristina about 'haha, what next, a crochet eye patch??" only to discover that is like, so 2 years ago...

Well I'm going to try to find things (or more like NOT find them on the interwebs) to crochet.
Feel free to suggest...

I don't doubt I'll be over this phase soon and hopefully I will still find things to do when I am 70... or back to clubbing for me!

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Wreaths or Meat Cleavers for Weddings?

This is what my house can look like prior to a wedding shoot...
The mess of me creating accessories and props.

Last week I scoured op shops for fake-flowers so I could create wreaths to use in their wedding booth 'studio'. I asked the couple if they wanted a silly booth or a sophisticated one. They said "definitely sophisticated". So I went in search of things that would be classy... or at least pretty.

I made a backdrop with sheer curtain and some branches and blossoms.

It was just me and Oscar in the house so I had to use us both to test how it looks under the lights.
Oscar takes a good pic!

I just loved making these floral wreaths, so much that I started coming up with another creative-business-venture-concept. One of twenty circulating in my head right now...

Weddings are really occupying most of my brain capacity currently. When one is approaching I become immersed in it's details, ideas for locations and ways to uniquely shoot this couple.

The wedding was Valentina & Amnon. Here are a couple details.

I'll show you more next time, but here is another favourite:

mmm how tender is that!

And okay, just one more that shows some of my prop-work.

I went in early and set up the photo booth.

It looked lovely in the afternoon light as guests arrived.

I love creating spaces with decor that adds to the mood of the party.

Here are the two shots that used one of my three wreaths:

The groom had re-thought 'sophisticated' and picked up a few extra props which ended up being the most loved by the guests. Of course! Mixing virgins with devils... how can you resist?

Or virgin's with (now) necklace-wreaths and he-brides.

Or meat cleavering vikings with sophisticated blondes...

I might have to re-think my beautiful flower wreath idea and work on more devilish and raunchy concepts!

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Cranes on a Plane

My friend and fellow earth-lover, Ilka Blue of The Last Tree came up with the idea to send Japanese Tsunami victims 1001 paper cranes.

Ilka wrote:

Senbazuru is the art of folding one thousand origami cranes. As the legend goes, you will be granted one wish by a mystical crane.

So I am going to make cranes as a way of connecting to the victims of these catastrophes. I am inviting anyone who wants to join me to make as many paper cranes as we can to send to the people of Japan as a heart gesture and a sign of the prayers and love we are sending them.

As per my reputable style, I took up the notion with vigor but not action... until the deadline was upon me... and the second reminder email had come through...

BUT I was leaving for Cairns without a second to spare!


I took my ten cranes in my suitcase and a packet of origami paper.

I made ten more in the back of the car on the drive to the airport...

I utilised my folding tray table as the name intended.
I reminded my co-traveller how to do it so we could double-our-lot.
But this wasn't going to be enough. So I made an announcement on the plane...

There was a group of restless school students that were keen to learn.

Nothing like a little learning activity to make the time fly.
I think they should offer such things as part of the in-flight entertainment!

And so I was able to fill up a box at the post office in the tropics, for a flight back to Ilka, and then a flight to Japan!

These cranes sure do get around.

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Our aim was simple:

To make a music video clip

and to go VIRAL.

(please help us!)

But we got more than we bargained for, and have become the greatest of friends (having overcome creative-control freak clash). Ange thinks we are both 'silver backed gorillas' - I think what she is trying to say is that we are both desiring to be top of the animal kingdom of creativity but luckily she was able to step down and take my orders (not without minor insult and injury!) hehehe. We LOVE each other.

So here it is! The crafty stop motion video clip I made with/for Ange Takats, Sunshine Coast musician/singer/songwriter.

The Girl & The Glass by Ange Takats

And once you've seen that, you can watch the 'behind the scenes' comedy-drama that is...

The Making Of The Girl & The Glass

Spread it!

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Weaving: Another Art Experience

I'm adding art and craft skills to my reportoire. I'm not sure why, I just go crazy for it!

I believe the more things I learn to do then the more ideas I can have for my art. Imagine what could happen if you combine weaving, origami, knitting, silver smithing and paint? There's gotta be something original in that mix.

I met Rene Bahloo at a Pecha Kucha event and she inspired me with her linking of weaving and life!

So I went along to the next workshop she was running - Weaving an Animal:

We sat on the carpet on a drizzly Saturday and learnt a coil weave. Renee said to let it tell us what animal it wanted to be. No pre-conceived ideas. Acting with faith not intention I believe.

Everyone started with just a strip of Pandanus Leaf and two grasses. And then what happened next?

Misty's desire to create a bird was denied her and instead she discovered she was making a turtle.

Tanya's hands revealed a horse. She just so happens to have a farm-load of them at home, but it wasn't her intention!

Myah found a bird, taking flight.

Little Daniel was dead set on producing a guinea pig. I was so impressed!!

Wendy's son is holding her snappin croc. It started as some blob then native lizard then this!

And here is what I found. I wanted to do a turtle or a kookaburra, but kept seeing a pig snout (to my dismay) but soon it showed me it was to be a goldfish. The pisces in me has been acknowledged!

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Nanna Knuckle Dusters

You know how you get funny ideas... have a laugh at them and then let them stay as a concept because the momentum isn't there to follow through?

Well I'm thrilled to say - I created a little idea/joke yesterday! It was due to needing to devise a gift for a very lovely someone - the perfect opportunity to just do it.

I was talking to Lenni, an artist, surfer and sprouter who used to live in my room. She said she wanted some fingerless gloves but I misunderstood her and thought she said 'finger gloves' - I was picturing a glove of just fingers and wondering how that could be... so we had a laugh about it.

Then I was invited to her 30th and thought I would make those finger gloves I imagined for her! So I set about knitting with various wool colours and tiny needles, the night before.

They looked so cute! I wasn't able to knit for all eight fingers before bedtime so I settled with 4 fingers and 1 thumb glove/cosy/warmer. I also wasn't sure how she would choose to wear them - All at once? Maybe even with a fingerless glove, to complete the look?

or just like rings, one at a time?

When she opened up her present last night and excitedly put four on her fingers and the thumb one on her nose, someone said 'hey they are like knuckle dusters!' and Lenni got around all night with her new spunky finger warmers.

I've since decided to call them Nanna Knuckle Dusters and if they took far less time, I'd sell them!

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Craft for Dummies

With all those delightfully chic books out like Crafty Minx teaching modern girls how to sew bunting flags, stuffed owls, retro aprons and pinwheels...

I think the world needs an antedote. And what was formerly titled 'knitting for retards' I'm now thinking should be more PC-ly titled 'Craft for Dummies'.

It's an imaginary book (cause let's face it, I'm never going to find time to do it) in which I demonstrate how crap knitting and craft can be made to work! Because I'm a lazy-crafter and I'm not one to read instructions or follow patterns... I want to encourage others to just 'give it a crack' and accept the quirky outcomes.

My neighbour Karen and I came up with lots of stupid ideas for how to utilise holes in jumpers, but leaving that aside, I thought I'd take you on my crappy craft adventure - cause clearly I have to provide examples for my book.

I went with my Karen to our local Allo Allo french pattiserie for our weekly cake and tea catchup. This time she brought her basket and wool and taught me a bit more about knitting. We decided to make a teacosy.

An hour or so later I'd managed to get into a rhythm with my knitting and realised I'd gained a few too many stitches. Karen suggested I make a waterbottle cover instead. Brilliant!

We stayed til close and made friends with the owners as we'd taken over the space like two old french maids.

I ran out of the one ball and so created the reverse side in another colour. It means I can flip it over depending on my mood. I'll never be bored!

Now i know this doesn't look OVERLY crap but let me just tell you that you'll find the waterbottle cover rather loose. I also like seeing this as a cute turtle neck jumper for an armless child.

With inspiration in my footsteps I kindly accosted my neighbours daughter and said "let's make a cute bunny".

I think you'll see her expression says it all. "You call this a bunny tail??"
Yep, her mum actually had to pull her back in line for laughing so hard at my terrible terrible representation of a bunny.

But I'm certain that a pair of eyes and mouth will make this munted rabbit much more lovable.

to be continued...

or not.

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