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    Why People Photograph
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
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  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Power of Newness

I was thinking about my tattoo yesterday and how no one comments on it anymore. There could be plenty of reasons for that (tattoo abundance or not seeing enough new people - for example), but I'm considering the idea that my own relationship with the tattoo effects others relationships with it.

As I barely remember I have a tattoo you could say that my relationship with it is very weak. I don't love it, I don't care much about it at the moment. So if you believe in the laws of attraction (scientifically or spiritually) then if I was aware of my tattoo and had positive energy associated with it then others may gravitate towards it and notice it or even perceive it as better looking. Right? So that was my thought process.

Next I thought that the same thing goes for my clothes. When I buy a new top I get comments for a couple days but after that I'm over it and so is everyone else - it may as well be any old rag I pulled out of the wardrobe.

Does the same idea apply?

Today I bring you experiment # 1.

Went the post office to open my new watch. The Horse.

Yes it's 'on trend' with its rose gold, tan and minimilst design. But it's not THAT much of a statement.
But I'm stoked, I love it! 

I rolled up my sleeves a little and strolled to my coffee shop. I placed my order and the guy said 'that's a really nice watch!' and the girl next to him said 'yes, I was just admiring your watch too!'.
And then we had a discussion about where it's from la la la.

I felt this was going to happen and like clockwork (ho ho) it did.

So, taking that idea further... you could re-ignite your passion for things in your wardrobe and even parts of your body, by feeling them as fresh and new you could find this same effect.

On top of that, the benefit derived from *new* conversations and positive energy goes even further! I could have just sat back and texted as I waited for my coffee order but instead I chatted to all 3 baristas about the watch and left feeling more alive & connected with my world.

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A Method of Giving

Giving. We've heard it's better for you than receiving. It's mentioned in many spiritual practices as being advantageous for growth. Heard of Dana? The giving (service) action creates an inner peace and purity.

Let me tell you - I've just experienced the liberation!

I think we all have some degree of guilt within us about how little we really give. Particularly when (in our day and age) it can be interpreted as weak or even needy (of response). Don't we all get a bit caught up in giving to ourselves and honouring our own lives?

Here is what happened:

I got a call from Greenpeace the other week.

My first response to the voice "ugh okay.." (I'm in the middle of editing photographs but I'll listen.)

"Thanks for your past support, it was really fantastic. Now we really need you again."

I notice how poorly the girl is reading her script and I feel detached. She goes on,

"Do you know about the reef and all that's going on there?"

Yeah yeah, I know....

... and soon enough I get off the phone with my non-committal "Let me look at the site, read up on it and I'll make a donation or something"

She asks if she can call me next week. "Ok".

So over the next two weeks I see that number come up about six times and I don't answer. Why don't I answer?

Because I have an instant feeling of harassment... like someone who turns up at my door wanting a donation or comes up to my car to wash my windows... even if my windows are dirty or I believe in the cause I just instantly get my back up and am starting from a 'no' point of view or at least "NOT NOW". 
Do you relate? 


I have to think about it. I really do hate being sold to. It's irritating. I also don't like to be manipulated or sucked in... but what's with this issue of being sucked in to something I actually do care about? It's a shame my little reaction applies to things I would actually do by choice given a non direct approach...

I've even got some money to burn that I can definitely afford to give so what stops me from acting now?

Let's be realistic though. When do we really make that choice and give our credit card over to things we believe in? We may have intentions but we don't often just do it.

And then that little subtle guilty feeling sits and grows inside us. It's so subtle you might not know it's there... but then after you remove it - hey there is a lovely space there instead.

Here's my method of how we do it.

Decide how much, right now, you want to donate per month to anything. 

What can you afford? What will really go fairly unnoticed in your life?
$20, $50, $100 / month?

(Consider that a coffee is $4 x 30 days = $120/month) 

What causes do you want to prioritise?

Environmental, Human Rights, Animals, Getup, Political Parties, Forest Regeneration, Local, Global, Water, Children... yep, there is so much to choose from but just pick 1-3.

Divide up your monthly money as you like.
Go to each site and set up your monthly donation from your credit card.

Sit back, close your eyes and see how you feel. Has something changed inside?

Woohoo! You really DID something, are continuing to do something and now you can feel OK when organisations pester you (and if you decline them). Who knows maybe they won't seem so pestery. You may even make a choice to donate at another time.

So I've just set up my donation to Greenpeace. ahhhh...
I like that I can now lie on the beach and I'm still giving.


Note: This is also a fantastic way to deal with overseas trips to developing countries with lots of beggars and needy people. Come up with a figure per day, give it out how you like and remove the guilt.

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30 Ties and No Occasion

This is the third participant in The Occasion project that I started in Armidale, NSW. I only managed to get through 3 people in my week as artist in residence at NERAM. But I will continue on as I travel around Australia... starting conversations about why we hang on to objects and ideas and fantasies and helping people seize the day and USE their things for a photoshoot.

I loved working with Hadley. He's one of my fantastic new friends in Armidale. Hadley has 30 ties he's been imagining wearing when he becomes a 'professional'. Years later, those ties haven't seen the fluorescent light of a day in the office.

Donating his ties to the occasion project was certainly a PROCESS as much as an outcome, as Hadley explains in the video piece below.

The Occasion: with Hadley from Neram on Vimeo.


Hands up if you want to take part if you're in Perth, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Armidale or Melbourne! I'll be in those parts over the next two months and I'd love for you to find an object that you are saving for a special occasion and use it in an everyday or unique way.

Got something? Email me.

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The Occasion project: Lauren

Lauren Upjohn for The Occasion project.

I've been given the opportunity to be an artist in residence at NERAM in Armidale, NSW.

Heard of Neram? It's the absolutely under-rated New England Regional Art Museum which has the most impressive collection of Heidelberg era art in a regional area. It also runs education projects as well as touring and selling exhibitions. And not to mention the incredibly delicious and gourmet café I could LIVE IN! Neram Harvest.

As part of my residency I'm doing a project called The Occasion. And I'm setting up this blog for other artists to do residencies!

I've been thinking about this Occasion concept for a while. I think nearly everybody has some object they hang on to for a special occasion. We often buy these objects with a future fantasy story attached to them.

And it sits there, being un-lived. A tangible expression of not being present. Not seizing the day!

For example I bought this 60s swirly dress from an op shop for this fantasy party I might attend where I need to dress retro... 3 years on, no such party has occured. So if I were part of this project, I would pop on this dress and just head out for the day, do my shopping and enjoy the dress in the everyday occasion. I do the same thing with tea cups, stationery and shoes...

My first photographic subject is the horse riding country gal, Lauren Upjohn.


Here is the video I made of Lauren's Occasion.


The Occasion: with Lauren from Neram on Vimeo.


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