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    Why People Photograph
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
    by Jane Eastoe
  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
    by Master Choa Kok Sui

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A poem from the seaside tonight

The day is at it's end
I feel a sorrow rising
but the dusk is setting in
and I love it for surprising  

I look down on a beach
near empty but for three
children playing cricket
and my own two bare feet 

I head towards the sand
sitting under salty air
like a thick mist in the sky
not a wispy cloud spare 

The ocean beckons me 
singing deep in my ear
a sweet entrancing sound
and so I enter here 

I let the waves lap me up
I begin to create prose
I exclaim it to the ocean 
"my love my love" I go 

I really talk aloud
the ocean seems a being
I'm talking with about
how I'm truly feeling 

I let it be wild
I let it clear me
I take on her message
it's medicine you see

These colours hit me
beyond any doubt
the most beautiful colours
I have ever come about 

No words will convey 
and I think that it's due
to the millions of colours
making up this here hue

It's like metallic, it's cyan, it's turquoise. It's blue
but it's deep blue, sky blue, mauve, lilac blue

It's so so 
so so

I look up as it graduates 
deeper and deeper
and I see this dome above me
from my tiny peeper 

I'm immersed in this lover
and I travel across
to the light that makes dusk
the setting sun almost lost 

And just to the right
her partner, the moon
a slant smile rising
I feel possessed to salute

And so yoga I do
for the sun and the moon
for this life that I'm given
I say thank you 

thank you 

and I cry because I mean it
even with sand in my eye 
that drops from my hands 
clasping up to the sky

I see a little twinkle
a flash in the air
and I say thank you for that
what ever that was there

I step in a puddle
of curious form 
I see the sky reflected 
or the dune like floor 

I change focus each step
moving between two worlds 
one of sand one of sky
I walk or I fly

And I feel light and celebratory
I begin to dance and pirouette
and it's like I'm possessed
to prance and ballet step

I'm by myself on the beach,
no one's looking at me
I'm dancing in joy
and no one, no one can see

My body it moves in response
to visual ecstasy
but I can't help but think
it's temporary

It's fading, getting darker
the ocean nearing black
and I wonder why I'm crying
Do I fear a lack?

But there is beauty in the night
yes there is! I remember!
A galaxy of sparks and pinpricks
I can dream of their splendour

As I leave I reflect 
on how words really suck
and that nothing can explain 
and make you give a stuff

Words come in drabs
arching creeping bubbling
But no names for the colour
There I'm really fumbling

Then I realise more is going on
in this feeling that I'm having
Looking at a photo
I would never feel this smashing

Being here within it
It's the presence of the thing
in all its fleeting glory
as the dark is entering 

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The Curious Beach

How much washes up on a shore
uncovered from the ocean
discovered out of ocean

Strewn in temporary forms
on newly laid sand
undisturbed silken sand

I crouch and shoot on a Sunday beach
Dog rushing overhead
Sun crushing overhead

Revealed stories in shutters eye
are my objects found
curious subjects found

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Photography between moments

I often take photos between a whole lot of doing things. They can end up sitting in lists of photographs on my computer. Like a little gallery with no front door. So that is the main reason I have my blog, so that they may see some light, somewhere through a screen. Otherwise, it does feel kind of pointless. My friend Ivy described tonight how she'd be happy to sit in a room and draw all day for no one but herself. She said she'd just "enjoy the way light falls".
And I thought... hmmm... (firstly, you are one crazy lady).. Then... Well, I'm not like that. As soon as I'm enjoying it I'm working out a way to photograph it, draw it, describe it, blog it...

Is this a bit tragic or a bit beautiful?
I'm definitely a voter for 'enjoying the moment' yet this act seems to reek of trying to hold desperately on to something that will fade or end. It seems like I am reaching out for immortality. Like I'm stealing the present to keep it forever. This is maybe why I cry when things are so bloody beautiful - because there is a bittersweetness, knowing that the beauty will be gone. Light changes, things move on.... things decay.

So I (as per analytical-self would) reflected on this recently.... tragic or beautiful Nat?

And I decided that it wasn't so much for ME to hold on to, but it came down to wanting to share it. It's not about claiming it as mine, taking ownership, it's just me wanting you to see what I am seeing (or feeling!)

So I'll just continue on with this innate need in me to photograph constantly.

Here are some of those 'between moments' shots from the past 3 weeks.

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One morning in Ningaloo - Illustrated

If I had one wish it might be a camera in my eye.

It would go through the filter of my heart and the image would come out as beautiful as the experience. And then I could really share it.

Alas I funnel it through brain, hand and pen! It's the best I can do...

Nestled in a dune I savour my bircher muesli
with fresh strawberries and macadamias from Byron Bay and some love from my friend Nicky - all in one bowl.
and what a context!

I look to my left
I observe the fishermen with their less skilled wives.
They attempt to teach those wives how to cast.

After a while a man catches a fish.
He doesn't know what it is and exclaims this loudly as he leaves it hanging
I whisper, please return him to water
And I cry for this fish
I don't know why

Then I see a splash straight ahead!
I know what it is. It's a turtle.
I walk the shores and follow its path of head bobs.

Then I decide to slip out of my clothes and slide into the water.
Unexpectedly, the turtle (barry lets call him) comes over.

Barry fixes his big black eye on me and takes several looks between several dunks.
I grin as wide as I go.

Then we both part.
Thank you Barry for that moment.

With my belly full I lie back into the sea.

As usual, I admire my toes that poke above the blue so vividly.

Back on shore, I look to my right.
There in the distance is a black dot.

I feel the need to find out what it is, so I walk walk walk in its direction.
Hoping for something special.

Upon arrival I see that it is a lump of coral.

I push my disappointment aside and look at its detail to find its beauty
Ahh little shells attached to its edges and many curvy holes of curiosity.
So I sit with her.
This quiet old soul
What might she tell me.

Ideas come to me in our space
and I thank the coral and depart back to the dune.

There I see my bowl but no spoon.

and there appears to be some rather unquestionable evidence.
I look high and low but can not see my spoon where I imagine it.

I come back in the afternoon to eat some fruit of six varieties,
savouring each individually.

I watch the sun turn the sea into a pathway of gold

always straight no matter where you sit.
It hits the shore right in front of me
and to the footsteps of where I have been
that will be washed away by morning.

I know why I came here.

Do you?

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Another Favourite Cottesloe Moment

Does this sum up why I love Cottesloe?

Every evening is a visual show. I never tire of the swiftly shifting colours of sunset. I never know which way to look - at the melting gold dissolving into endless ocean or at the reflections in windows or the pink haze of the opposite sky...

This evening I was in my sunset buzz and adoring the view of bronzed windows with pink walls yet managed to run home in my uggs to snatch the camera and run back to this building standing against the purple sky, full moon and sweeping flocks. I got it, before it all went into black.

I wish photos could capture the energy of moments, but they really can't. Even as a photographer, I know their lack.

Nothing beats being there.


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A New Home

It seemed only fitting with my new move to Cottesloe beach that I should move into natalija.com.au

My long winded URL never did me any favours at parties, but then again, the level of complexity seemed to reflect my own.

I'm not really a dot com kind of girl, but I need this little home to take with me into the future.

I also got a new phone with a crappy camera in it, so I tested it out on some photos of the wander home from the pub (when normal privacy laws go out the window and I have no trouble encroaching on to peoples front lawns to catch reflections of the sunset.)

Right now, Cottesloe is the best it has ever been.

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