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    Why People Photograph
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    by Andreas Moritz
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
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  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
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Post Apocalyptic Romance

It just turned out this way... eerily so.

Clare and Nathan were having a portrait shoot with me yesterday - for pre-wedding practice/fun.
I suggested that we go to an abandoned powerstation and it seemed fitting that they just knew the way in to one.

The light turned into a cinematic delight with softness everywhere coming through blanketing cloud.

I respond in my photographic style to an environment and a couple. Hence the shots became more mysterious...

And when I got home to edit them I found that we really had a collection that could be telling a post apocalyptic romance story. Do you feel that too?

I love that it's so fitting for these two.
They are left of centre, perhaps fringe dwellers... passionate and active in their beliefs. I can imagine them being some of the last survivors... 

Clare and Nathan met at an anti-war protest and have an ethical diamond ring (man made not 'blood diamond')!

A shoot should become the people. I feel it does.

I'm inspired to do more mockumentary style shoots now. Tell a story and play!

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My Favourite For A Moment

I have a favourite shot every few days.

It's my gold from the latest shoot.

Then it's replaced by something new.


This was last week:

This was a few days later:

This is now:


I want to share with you the way I shoot.

It's like a blur of speed that almost happens to me. As to think would be to miss a split-second moment. I seem to enter some zone, as per the cliche, yet it does happen.

I shoot like my eyes are not focusing - I just feel the whole image without looking at details. I trust in the spontaneity of it, trust in the feel of it being right.

I let light blow into my lens - I want imperfection and nature to show itself.

I see aspects but rarely the finer detail. I relinquish control.

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Does Facebook beat Blogging?

Weeks have gone by since my commitment to blog every day in June.

Here's how it went, visually…


And no activity in July.

So that's less blogging ever since I 'committed'!

But so much has happened since then. So much does happen, generally, in my life.
But in July more poignant things, more upheaving, more new starts. Yet I blogged none of it. 

My Facebook friends however did get a taste of that journey.

It's quite easy to put together a one sentance status update.
And to feel something and share it immediately.

Snatches and grabs, that's what Facebook is and what the people seem to want.

Perhaps also what I mostly feel I have time and energy to do!

If I track my blog readership alongside the use of Facebook it looks something like this:

Yet I still keep my blog. Without it I would just have Facebook. And that would limit my audience to 'friends'.

What if I want to just put something out there to the world, a greater idea, show off some artwork, be found by strangers? I'd have no where to do it without my blog!

So I still feel I need that space. I have also linked myself so much to my online presence that it feels like my voice would be taken away if it were. It's like I would disappear.

But Facebook would fill that odd void albeit to a limited group.

I contemplate detaching from the 'need' - but I won't, not yet.

However I will make no promises of quantity or quality - to you or to myself. (Seems to have the opposite effect!)
So whatever happens will be it!

And I've learned that I will always do exactly what I want, at the end of the day.

Here are my Facebook status updates with illustrations to fill the gap of time flown past… make of it what you will!


I have 24 weddings ahead of me. #lovefest


You cant make a wish on this frosted dandylion

I must now pack for 4 destinations of different climates!
Cairns sydney thailand perth home...


Gee I miss this. Sitting around in my undies cause it's too hot for clothes.
Hello Cairns!


I really really am grateful for my really really true friends!
Thank you for make life's journey all the more better.


You know you're addicted to good coffee when you ask the taxi to drive out of the way and wait 10mins.


It dawned on me that thai massage is enforced yoga.

In Thailand pink isn't a girl's colour. It's on cabs, boy school uniforms, everywhere.
We came to the conclusion that pink is simply 'happy red' in the land of smiles. 

Sunset over the ocean. Glad we have these in perth every evening!



Hello everyone in Perth. I am here to stay. xo



I do not accept winter.


I have to stop dressing like cat burgler #bringbackmyrainbows


Right, so I've been back in Perth for about 5 minutes and I'm already planning a trip to Tassie, a trip to Burma and a Sydney retreat. hmmm, guess you can't take the gypsy outta the girl!!!


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Eve Naturopathy

I still operate my little 'seedpod' design business between photography gigs. I don't think I'll ever give it up as I can't resist the opportunities that come my way. I must get my website back up as there is so much stuff I've designed over the past few years that no one would know about! (add to my to-do list)...

I will share a few things I've done recently over the coming weeks.

Here is a card for Eve Naturopathy and Massage.

I brought together Kate's taste in colour and style in bottle green and sea blue.
The gradient of colour represents the setting sun, an evening.

I created a feminine feeling logo, the curves of woman, the flow of life.
And incorporated a full moon to represent ovulation, and thus fertility and completing the feeling of 'eve'.

All printed on recycled eco stock.

I think a business card has these purposes.

1. To create interest and intrigue in a potential client.

2. To reflect the values and quality of the business.

3. To be a confidence booster for the business, something they are immensely proud of that makes 'selling themselves' easier because the card does some of the work for them.

And point 3 is the most important I think because self belief and confidence go very far when it comes to self promotion.

Therefore pleasing the client is actually my top priority.

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DIY photo display

It's a funny little world to me sometimes.

I often stop and look at my life as a fully fledged wedding photographer and think 'hmm how did this happen?' and it's like it has a life of it's own that grows in such a fashion that I am the one trying to keep up with it!

One of the things that come up are 'expos'. Normally a wedding expo would have me running for the hills, but along came the 'alternative' bridal expo First Comes Love in Perth. And it is a bit of a case of 'you gotta be in it to win it' or something right?

So I grabbed my stuff, popped it on a table with some beautiful flowers from Flower Talk! Gee she is a generous soul.

But alas my little display was lacking in presence. It required people to really come and look to see the quality. An interesting concept for me, that in a expo you need to command attention and then fill in the details. Ho hum, guess I have to meet with convention and go 'big'!

So expo 2... Tamworth.
An entirely different crowd and a chance to construct something different...

First, meet Hadley. He's my good mate in Armidale NSW. He's a product designer who is creating a cool water-retaining pot for balconies. I'm helping him with branding and marketing and he's helping me with wood! ooh lovely barter.

Check out those crucifixes!
I sketched up an idea and Hadley used his skills to make it something more, well, non-falling-over as a designer would do!

And so I visited the tip shop and found some rustic wood with character, $5 later, we had our ingredients!

Y'know I'm not so bad with a pencil, ruler and saw.. so I pitched in a few seconds of hard labour.
And... i'm spent...

Back to Hadley and his eye for detail and precision.

And a spoonful of Nat's general 'it'll do!' attitude and we have.....

Something that stands up!

And so my display in Tamworth had much more presence! My images glued to foamcore, hung with twine and a few pinecone 'flowers' for added effect.
Throw in things from around the house, orange roses in a milk jug and a singing bowl full of business cards.

Not sure Tamworth appreciated the effort, but at least I could be proud of my work - giving it the best chance to be loved. I found vendors the most complimentary and I think that means more to me.

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Used Nails

I've created a new motto:
If you have good nails you don't do stuff.

or maybe more succinctly:
Used nails means you do stuff.

The whole idea of having a set of perfect nails is ridiculous when I really think about it. Whenever I paint mine up and they are good looking I end up walking around like a prissy lady with outstretched fingers, unable to open a car door, a box, let alone do any gardening in fear of wrecking the look. Nails are functional little beasts and we should view their used character as a sign of our productivity!

Take that perfect-nail-people!

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From Misery to Happiness

It's a challenge when you feel blue to move towards a happy space, cause it takes energy that is often hard to find when you are down.

I'm living in a very cold place, in more ways that one right now. And I found myself spiralling into the blues.

I started looking at flights to Cairns today for a quick-fix get away attempt!

Today, this is what I did to shift and feel better!

(In chronological order)

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Boobie Beanie


I live with a couple who are having a baby in two weeks! My sister showed me a pattern for a beanie that looks like a boobie.

It's a gag when you are breastfeeding your child, you can still show boob.
I thought I'd give it a go as a gift for them - with no idea how large a babies head is and no idea if they would really apply it to the babies head. It's a lot of effort for a joke!

It didn't quite fit the doll I tried it on.

But they have large heads in the family so I think the baby will grow into it soon enough.

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I just made a Kurt Cobain

I kept noticing as I leaned over my him with my hair draping all over his face that he looked very very familiar...

Do you agree?

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Social Media's Only Got A Sec

I've been playing around a lot lately with social media for promotion. You know there are no rules to going viral and certainly no hard and fast tricks otherwise everyone would be doing the formula!

Today I learned a valuable lesson. Good Quality vs Funny...

One would think that showing a delicious 3 minute film to the captive audience of a cafe's facebook page would be a success.

One day's work = 6 likes + 2 comments


But that wasn't really buttering our ego-bread.

Then today in the heat of a giggle I decided to photograph Rowan as a bridesmaid,
based on his sentiment at not winning at the Armidale Business Awards night "Always a bridesmaid" he kept saying.

1 minute = 20 likes + 4 comments

Now those statistics should make you sit up and listen!

People want funny, personal, unique and relevant stuff but most of all, something that's going to take them a second to see. Of course our hot chocolate film is going to hang around for a long time and be more of a resource for the cafe but it does make me think about how spontaneous and creative ideas should just be acted on and may be the truly effective difference in creating business.

Social media lesson 1 - over.

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