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  • Why People Photograph
    Why People Photograph
    by Robert Adams
  • Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence
    Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence
    by David Deida
  • The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    by Andreas Moritz
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    by Chogyam Trungpa
  • Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
    by Jane Eastoe
  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
    by Master Choa Kok Sui

Archiving Junk

I've been doing the slow 'junk shuffle' for years now. Every time I move I place all my things in boxes and shift them to a new space "to be sorted out later". Sometimes when the mood takes me, I go to the piles of boxes and think I can manage a little throwing out and sorting.

I tend to find myself cowering in a corner crying over dusty photographs, reading old diaries, dreaming of past adventures and admiring my more creative moments...
rarely do the things make their way to the bin. They just switch to different piles, different boxes.

I tried really hard this recent time to place stuff into the actual rubbish bin, and realised one of the issues I have is to never lay eyes upon the object again, once gone, forever forgotten.

So I solved this by photographing it before its disposal.

Here are three items from this recent (microscopic) clean out.

A drawing I did in first year uni, a Latvian bus ticket and a headless Guatamalan dancing couple brooch.

A weight has really lifted....

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The Bum Thief

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle is performing Tim Winton's "wonderfully silly story" this month. I designed the flyers with a diecut missing bottom - that also forms a B on the backside. Very fun design gig.

The story is set in a seaside town so the design has a title made from sand and some fish hooks and lines that seem to be responsible for snatching the bums away!

But the fun didn't end there. I got a random phone call last week from a woman who looked me up and just 'had to tell me' her husband's discovery.

"Did you know that when you put two thumbs into the bum cut out that it looks like a bum? My kids fall on the floor laughing everytime my hubby does it".

Well, no I didn't. And what a brilliant little call to get, to know that a family is enjoying your design and discovering something even sillier. So I tested it out and shot it for you all to see.

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NEO-politan towel rail

This is from Mik Efford's house. He created NEO-politan towel rail.

My idea of accompanying explanatory notes:

The art wank version:

NEO-politan towel rail
Installation - Metal & Towels
Deceptively whimsical, this piece dares to draw parallels between society's decadence and preoccupation with sanitation. NEO-politan towel rail explores this ironically in the context of this microcosm of modern existentialism, where evanescence transforms into indistinguisable vanilla.
The piece invites the viewer to generate their own narrative.

The real version:

NEO-politan towel rail
It looks like ice cream, but it's towels! yeah. funny.


So, I'm in Melbourne.

Art surrounds us. Like, you'd have to try really hard to be uncreative and uncool here. You'd have to really shut your eyes, your heart, your senses... It would take more effort to be uncreative than to just be. And then the trying would in itself be a creative exercise and be cool.

When I walk down the streets with my open, bushy tailed 'tude I see creativity sprouting from every gutter, pub window and coffee cup.

Even an old nonna has 'got it' here, in her all-black gettup and shoe shuffle - so Italian, so cool. Even the shit-house local pub has it, a window display of city-transparencies on lightboxes with wires curled around it. You can't avoid art!

People probably don't realise how creative they are (as compared with... some more minor sunny cities).

I've been entering houses and taking in the unpretencious art that people generate in their spaces. Slowly they fill it will creativity... and in ways that aren't shop-bought, instead with their own experiences, collections, piecing togethers... I'm truly inspired. I can smell a project looming....

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A Mad Birthday Invitation

A friend asked me to design their party invite. It became a rather involved 'little' job! However I'm loving the results. I photographed her and made the sillouettes and collected in-jokes for her friends and constructed a story using Alice in Wonderland rhymes.

It's fun to waste days this way..


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My Convertible

I need a car.
Dad tells me I need a new car.
I suppose. The old volvo is on its last squeaking breaks and running out of bits to fall off it...

So for the first time ever I started paying attention to cars on the road, to see what I might like. Now I recognise what all those badges are. I can spot Alfas, Boxters, Yarises and endless silver Holden Astras...
And after lots of looking...
I started imagining myself in a convertible. Why not!
The wind in my hair, cruising around, sitting low, feeling free.. yeahh...

I told Anne the other day on our walk to the beach.
She said "that's the problem with cars, we make them so comfortable we forget what they really are - metal boxes that should just transport us from A to B."
And I remembered how I really feel about cars.
And how I don't really want one.
I actually hate them.

I surprise myself at how I can get 'transported' into a fantasy that goes against my core beliefs... I could relate this to many things. But I won't here, now.
I think it might be the Parental Delusion Syndrome.
Where you become clouded with their way of thinking and start to act out their belief system, rather than your own. Thank goodness I was shaken out of it by a firm talk with someone who truly knows me... well, the 'me' I want to be.

Ahhh, and I was reminded of the bicycle. Viva La Bicicletta!
The simple bicycle gives you all those feelings of freedom, making the journey fun.
I'd forgotten about my bicycle life.

And so I got one instead of rushing out to spend thousands on a polluting machine!

It's slim and black and sporty.
The wind is really in my hair
(especially when I sneak down to the deli for a drink without my helmet).
and I can carry my flowers home, over the hill
and smile at how idyllic it really is.

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Financial Crisis Beggar

After a few conversations with some people, better off than I, this image came to me.
I imagined what they'd say if they could bring themselves to beg.
And I photographed it.

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The beginnings and the ends

Collecting Lemons

Making Lemonade for the lawnmower man and me

Isa Browns, my friendly new pets

Poached eggs for breakfast

And sometimes pancakes

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A New Home

It seemed only fitting with my new move to Cottesloe beach that I should move into natalija.com.au

My long winded URL never did me any favours at parties, but then again, the level of complexity seemed to reflect my own.

I'm not really a dot com kind of girl, but I need this little home to take with me into the future.

I also got a new phone with a crappy camera in it, so I tested it out on some photos of the wander home from the pub (when normal privacy laws go out the window and I have no trouble encroaching on to peoples front lawns to catch reflections of the sunset.)

Right now, Cottesloe is the best it has ever been.

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