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I'm Reading
  • Why People Photograph
    Why People Photograph
    by Robert Adams
  • Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence
    Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence
    by David Deida
  • The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
    by Andreas Moritz
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    by Chogyam Trungpa
  • Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
    by Jane Eastoe
  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
    by Master Choa Kok Sui

Office Stationery Inspired Garden Colour Palette Creation

How closely have you looked at your leaves lately?

Micro Macros of my leaves show me a colour scheme.

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I just can't get enough

I was in Turkey some years ago and made this little video at some markets in Istanbul.

I think I'm going to do more 'spontaneous acting' as this still delights me.

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The Portuguese Water Bike Dog

You can't ride a bike with a dog it seems unless you want a face full of cement.

So I've trained my dog Oscar to be my bike.

Good boy!

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Mum's Wisdom

My mum would say that she isn't religious or spiritual.

But mum is a thinker and with that she develops wisdom.

She has spent the last few days contemplating relationships and emailed me this morning.

This is what she wrote:


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Wedding Doodles

I doodled on some wedding photographs and found it kind of fun.

Here are some examples of putting digital white ink hearts onto my images.

Now to think of other ideas besides el ubiquitous heart!

How about I turn the couple into a cake?
Mmm maybe that's a bit too silly...

I enjoy cheese though.

And now, here's painting with white light during the photograph:

More unpredictable in result but excellent entertainment for guests at the reception.


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How to Get Fit 101

I write lists and plans on scraps of paper and don't look at them again.

and I say I'll do things before I go to bed and forget upon waking.

I've signed up for gyms and classes and let them expire.

I've bought a bike, yoga mat, hand weights and barefoot sneakers and they gather dust.

I exercise in fits and bursts.


And then I worked out how to be more consistent!

Use the one thing I use every day.

My phone.

I stare at my iphone screen about 100 times a day and it instantly makes me suck my gut in, not reach for the chocolate and start jogging on the spot.

People keep seeing it and going 'WHAT is THAT on your screen?' 

Interesting how this one image comes as such a shock!

'Inspiration' I say. Constant Inspiration.

Here's how I'm doing...

It's time for an updated picture though as I'm already not even 'seeing' the picture when I look at my phone.

Time for another inspiring body! 

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Flower Ode 1: Gardenia

Dad's flower is the pure white gardenia.
When they bloom he always tells me
"I love their smell, I really love their smell"
And so I clip one from its branches 

I take long inhales
to gather up the fragrance
That's dad's passion that I'm breathing
I love the gardenia like him now

Today I saw a shrub on a tiny street corner
And like I do every time, I picked, just one
As I headed homeward I smelled and smelled
until I had a headache

I tried to pinpoint the smell
buttery, creamy, tropical, vanilla...
no… smell doesn't have words
It has associations


It's all my dad.

I will cry every time I smell one
when he passes on 

I can already feel the tears rising

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Joining Hands Across Australia

My old ABC Open colleague Tom Hearn runs Bush TV. He invited me to help make a video as part of the Generation One project. It's a way of getting kids involved in thinking about ending the disparity between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. They do this by asking kids to write rap lyrics, dance moves and a video of their performance. Over 100 schools got into it this year, some putting it into their curriculum.

I think this is an example of a great project!! It's cool, it's fun, you can win ipads... and it integrates the message.

So I went to Australind, south of Mandurah to help a primary school make their version.

Australind from Natalija Brunovs on Vimeo.


And it won a 5D Mark iii Canon camera.

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Judge me by my Book Cover

I've been working with supreme social media strategist Dionne Lew on some e-book cover designs.

It's one of the great design jobs for thinking conceptually within a small rectangular space. I love to summon up my creative connections and think pictorially about the message of the book.

Sometimes I just channel an awesome idea... 

Like the first book, Relevance!:

I was thinking about old things no longer being relevant and naturally a dinosaur floating away on a pink balloon popped into my brain - it captured the essence with humour and heart.

Dionne then thought I was a genius of design and could read her mind.

But it's not always that easy...

The pressure was on for book 2!

The Social Executive (gotta get social if you want to survive in the corporate world).

This time I really nutted out a brief, asked a bunch of questions, tried to understand the market, the message, the feel... and this is where I ended up after all that.

It's corporate, it's connected, it's technology...

But sitting back, Dionne wasn't so convinced. Words like 'new age' and 'xmas' were being bandied about, much to my disappointment and lack of conviction.. it seemed with all the trying and planning the end result wasn't really right.

It's a pretty personal thing for an author to feel the cover speaks to them. And sometimes that freaks me out! What are the chances you'll get it just right?

But Dionne threw a new idea at me.

And this is what we got.

I think I do prefer it.

Dionne loves it.

The overall feel is good. It's not trying to do too much and that's the art of good design I think - SIMPLE but with a dose of WIT. Understated Cool.

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Botanical Illustration Inspiration

I have the chairs, I have the aspect, I have the place.

I can dream of how I will use this place and buy all the things to make that dream come alive.
But like all the porches with empty chairs, it seems that peoples' dreams often stay as ideals never to be embraced.

I want to sit on this wooden bench with tea.
I want to draw whilst the rain gently falls. 
I want to watch sunset with gin and many many friends. 

Thoughts of yesterday.

Today I leafed through a magazine, saw this gorgeous illustrator, Katie Scott.

And so I sat in my garden, plucked some fallen botanicals and drew with inspiration.

And now as the rain settles in on this Saturday I await friends to admire the sunset through a sky of clouds.

I'm doing it!

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