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Roaming Bouquet

After yet another experience of wrestling with whether to buy the flowers or not, debating their cost with the pleasure they will stow upon me, I eventually walk away again...

I love their beauty but I just know that I won't be able to 'experience' them enough as there is only so much time I can spend gazing upon their petals before I have to work, type, cook, drive, etc.

Not to mention the fact that they are already on their way out having just been cut! It's like watching beauty die, slowly... bitter sweet fact of nature I guess.

So I decided to experiment one day. I bought a bunch of flowers, a bouquet you might say!
And I took it with me, everywhere this day so I could enjoy them as much as feasibly possible.

Let me show you what happened...

Well after I chose my bouquet I had to rush off to yoga where I felt just a *little* bit silly...

The instructor thought I brought them as an offering to put near the buddah statue and then I tried to explain I was doing a project and for her not to worry about me... (but I think she did).

I liked how they sat under their interesting name-card storage design. I thought "hmm pretty". Click!

I then wandered off to get a coffee. I was enjoying looking at my bunch.

I tried to put them in a water glass at the cafe, like my own personal vase, but they didn't really fit. fail.

Instead I had to settle for the resting bouquet look. Still was nice. I guess it just looked like I had been given some flowers. Maybe I'm a nice person, maybe it's my birthday...

Then I went to visit a friend in her mum's rug store.
As soon as I walked in they commented on my flowers. I had become a little more articulate about my project since yoga (helped by coffee) and they seemed to appreciate it. 

I popped them down on a table and my friend's dad admired the colour against the magazine. I mean, such a rug guy obviously - trained in colour appreciation!

I had to stop and lay them on a rug of course too.

I think next time I'll wrap them myself in pretty paper and a ribbon. This supermarket bouquet is limiting my aesthetic possibilities!

Now off to a meeting in Cottesloe.

No questions asked here but I'm sure it set a lovely tone for our chat.

The downside of the moving flowers is becoming obvious now, they are looking a little worse for wear and are dropping petals in random places...

Like confetti in a carpark.

So it's reminding me how brides carry bouquets on their wedding day. Such a strange old tradition when I think about it. At no other time does a lady walk around with flowers in her hand other than basic transport to a receipient.

But why not? Flowers are pretty, they seem to make a person look pretty. Partly because they are a decoration but more so because the holder is sharing the beauty of the flowers with the passers by and that happiness is returned to the lady. Like rose coloured glasses! woah, am I on to something here??

I can see people giving little smiles. People are enjoying the flowers. They might be enjoying me too! hehe.

This is what I look like today.

And now time to go to the office.

Finally my flowers can have a drink.
They are hyacinths and are drooping all over the place. hmm. 

Well the final thing to do is to 'give them away' I think. So off to visit mum I go.

She was nice about it... but yes I'm thinking ugh, not so attractive...

Happy ending though because when I came back to visit two days laters, look what I saw on her window ceil...

Nothing like a bit of a trim, glass of water and a place to rest too.

[current mood] Tulsi Tea & Scottish Singing

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