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Does Facebook beat Blogging?

Weeks have gone by since my commitment to blog every day in June.

Here's how it went, visually…


And no activity in July.

So that's less blogging ever since I 'committed'!

But so much has happened since then. So much does happen, generally, in my life.
But in July more poignant things, more upheaving, more new starts. Yet I blogged none of it. 

My Facebook friends however did get a taste of that journey.

It's quite easy to put together a one sentance status update.
And to feel something and share it immediately.

Snatches and grabs, that's what Facebook is and what the people seem to want.

Perhaps also what I mostly feel I have time and energy to do!

If I track my blog readership alongside the use of Facebook it looks something like this:

Yet I still keep my blog. Without it I would just have Facebook. And that would limit my audience to 'friends'.

What if I want to just put something out there to the world, a greater idea, show off some artwork, be found by strangers? I'd have no where to do it without my blog!

So I still feel I need that space. I have also linked myself so much to my online presence that it feels like my voice would be taken away if it were. It's like I would disappear.

But Facebook would fill that odd void albeit to a limited group.

I contemplate detaching from the 'need' - but I won't, not yet.

However I will make no promises of quantity or quality - to you or to myself. (Seems to have the opposite effect!)
So whatever happens will be it!

And I've learned that I will always do exactly what I want, at the end of the day.

Here are my Facebook status updates with illustrations to fill the gap of time flown past… make of it what you will!


I have 24 weddings ahead of me. #lovefest


You cant make a wish on this frosted dandylion

I must now pack for 4 destinations of different climates!
Cairns sydney thailand perth home...


Gee I miss this. Sitting around in my undies cause it's too hot for clothes.
Hello Cairns!


I really really am grateful for my really really true friends!
Thank you for make life's journey all the more better.


You know you're addicted to good coffee when you ask the taxi to drive out of the way and wait 10mins.


It dawned on me that thai massage is enforced yoga.

In Thailand pink isn't a girl's colour. It's on cabs, boy school uniforms, everywhere.
We came to the conclusion that pink is simply 'happy red' in the land of smiles. 

Sunset over the ocean. Glad we have these in perth every evening!



Hello everyone in Perth. I am here to stay. xo



I do not accept winter.


I have to stop dressing like cat burgler #bringbackmyrainbows


Right, so I've been back in Perth for about 5 minutes and I'm already planning a trip to Tassie, a trip to Burma and a Sydney retreat. hmmm, guess you can't take the gypsy outta the girl!!!


[current mood] Personalised Coffee & Osho Doof Doof Shaking Music

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Reader Comments (3)

It's always lovely to read your blogs Nat, no matter how sporadic! I am glad you're back in Perth. It is a pretty great place to live I think...although I may be biased :)

Anyway, nice to have your cute illustrations pop up in my blog feed again.

Loyal reader,

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRachel
Yay loyal reader! (you may be the only one) heehee.
It really is great to 'come home' - that's what it feels like. x
August 2, 2012 | Registered CommenterNatalija Brunovs
I long for everyone to have more time to read blogs, time to slow down and connect for longer than a sentence or 20 characters. I don't like feeling I have to crank up to the frenetic pace and incessant busyness of the world to share my words and pictures, but is seems the world wants it in small espresso speed chunks. I'm still an avid reader and stoked you are back in WA so we can catch up over summer. Long live blogging x
August 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSally May Mills
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