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    Why People Photograph
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    Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence
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    The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body
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    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Shambhala Library)
    by Chogyam Trungpa
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    Wild Food: Foraging for Food in the Wild
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  • The Existence of God is Self Evident
    The Existence of God is Self Evident
    by Master Choa Kok Sui

Roaming Bouquet

After yet another experience of wrestling with whether to buy the flowers or not, debating their cost with the pleasure they will stow upon me, I eventually walk away again...

I love their beauty but I just know that I won't be able to 'experience' them enough as there is only so much time I can spend gazing upon their petals before I have to work, type, cook, drive, etc.

Not to mention the fact that they are already on their way out having just been cut! It's like watching beauty die, slowly... bitter sweet fact of nature I guess.

So I decided to experiment one day. I bought a bunch of flowers, a bouquet you might say!
And I took it with me, everywhere this day so I could enjoy them as much as feasibly possible.

Let me show you what happened...

Well after I chose my bouquet I had to rush off to yoga where I felt just a *little* bit silly...

The instructor thought I brought them as an offering to put near the buddah statue and then I tried to explain I was doing a project and for her not to worry about me... (but I think she did).

I liked how they sat under their interesting name-card storage design. I thought "hmm pretty". Click!

I then wandered off to get a coffee. I was enjoying looking at my bunch.

I tried to put them in a water glass at the cafe, like my own personal vase, but they didn't really fit. fail.

Instead I had to settle for the resting bouquet look. Still was nice. I guess it just looked like I had been given some flowers. Maybe I'm a nice person, maybe it's my birthday...

Then I went to visit a friend in her mum's rug store.
As soon as I walked in they commented on my flowers. I had become a little more articulate about my project since yoga (helped by coffee) and they seemed to appreciate it. 

I popped them down on a table and my friend's dad admired the colour against the magazine. I mean, such a rug guy obviously - trained in colour appreciation!

I had to stop and lay them on a rug of course too.

I think next time I'll wrap them myself in pretty paper and a ribbon. This supermarket bouquet is limiting my aesthetic possibilities!

Now off to a meeting in Cottesloe.

No questions asked here but I'm sure it set a lovely tone for our chat.

The downside of the moving flowers is becoming obvious now, they are looking a little worse for wear and are dropping petals in random places...

Like confetti in a carpark.

So it's reminding me how brides carry bouquets on their wedding day. Such a strange old tradition when I think about it. At no other time does a lady walk around with flowers in her hand other than basic transport to a receipient.

But why not? Flowers are pretty, they seem to make a person look pretty. Partly because they are a decoration but more so because the holder is sharing the beauty of the flowers with the passers by and that happiness is returned to the lady. Like rose coloured glasses! woah, am I on to something here??

I can see people giving little smiles. People are enjoying the flowers. They might be enjoying me too! hehe.

This is what I look like today.

And now time to go to the office.

Finally my flowers can have a drink.
They are hyacinths and are drooping all over the place. hmm. 

Well the final thing to do is to 'give them away' I think. So off to visit mum I go.

She was nice about it... but yes I'm thinking ugh, not so attractive...

Happy ending though because when I came back to visit two days laters, look what I saw on her window ceil...

Nothing like a bit of a trim, glass of water and a place to rest too.

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Power of Newness

I was thinking about my tattoo yesterday and how no one comments on it anymore. There could be plenty of reasons for that (tattoo abundance or not seeing enough new people - for example), but I'm considering the idea that my own relationship with the tattoo effects others relationships with it.

As I barely remember I have a tattoo you could say that my relationship with it is very weak. I don't love it, I don't care much about it at the moment. So if you believe in the laws of attraction (scientifically or spiritually) then if I was aware of my tattoo and had positive energy associated with it then others may gravitate towards it and notice it or even perceive it as better looking. Right? So that was my thought process.

Next I thought that the same thing goes for my clothes. When I buy a new top I get comments for a couple days but after that I'm over it and so is everyone else - it may as well be any old rag I pulled out of the wardrobe.

Does the same idea apply?

Today I bring you experiment # 1.

Went the post office to open my new watch. The Horse.

Yes it's 'on trend' with its rose gold, tan and minimilst design. But it's not THAT much of a statement.
But I'm stoked, I love it! 

I rolled up my sleeves a little and strolled to my coffee shop. I placed my order and the guy said 'that's a really nice watch!' and the girl next to him said 'yes, I was just admiring your watch too!'.
And then we had a discussion about where it's from la la la.

I felt this was going to happen and like clockwork (ho ho) it did.

So, taking that idea further... you could re-ignite your passion for things in your wardrobe and even parts of your body, by feeling them as fresh and new you could find this same effect.

On top of that, the benefit derived from *new* conversations and positive energy goes even further! I could have just sat back and texted as I waited for my coffee order but instead I chatted to all 3 baristas about the watch and left feeling more alive & connected with my world.

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A Stranger To This Land

5.30pm, sunset looming, exhausted from another day in the office.

I decide to jog to the beach to get my system moving.

As I arrive the sky is purpling and my body feels alive. I am feeling that nature-connected goodness feeling. I find a grassy mound and do a few yoga stretches.

It's becoming dusk now and I hear a voice and turn. There's an elderly bearded man emerging from the dark with his wife.

"Is that a star?" he asks.

I look at the only bright spark in the sky.

"I don't think so... hmmm not sure, no, probably not."

He replies, "We are from Norway so we are not familiar with these skies but it looks like a star".

I feel really quite disappointed that I don't know if it's a star. It's my local sky.

"It's probably a satellite, it's just too bright. It's the only one in the sky. Sigh.... I'm skeptical about stars in the city"... I say.

And off he wanders still hoping it's a star and I jog back home thinking about who I can call to confirm either way because if it were a star I would like to spend more time gazing at it.

I felt a bit sad hearing a couple weeks ago that falling stars are not falling stars at all, just debris from satellites and metiors burning up in the atmosphere. It makes sense because I had been concerned with the number of stars we lose per night...

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A Doodle A Day

10am every day my phone tells me to Doodle!

I am just going to try this idea to build a collection of my thoughts. A 5 minute daily practice that results in... I don't know what!

You want to join me?

Every day I am contemplating something, at least one something... I get little insights of wisdom but they come and go through my seive-like mind. I'd like to put things down on ipad paper... so I'm using NoteShelf and a stylus.

I have had a lot of inspired thought lately about love, often that emerges in challenging times. 

If I am going through crap I still notice this observer in me that is detached from the whole egoic emotional drama. That is a part of me that has become louder and louder through meditation and mindfulness. Well in actuality it's the other part of me that has gotten quieter so I can hear this other self.

I now feel like I can cope with a lot more things and have greater capacity of self preservation and happiness, because I recognise the inner peace behind human suffering.

So that's the immediate ground from which I start with my doodle a day idea...

I've always wanted a nickname and now I have one. 
I love to be a playmate in life.

I recall reading about the idea of how you hold love in your life.
An open upturned hand is still supporting and tending to love but it allows love to fly, blossom, be it's most incredible form. It can be effortless. It should be.

A downturned hand that grips and holds on for fear of losing love, well it crushes it, it can't breath, it feels trapped and possessed and eventually that love will become so liquid it will slip out of your fingers...

The theme of the past week has been yin and yang.
My dad gave a speech at my sister's engagement and talked of how it works in their relationship.
I was so proud of him.

Yin and Yang seems to me to be that balance of opposition that allows a whole to maintain its dynamism. The magnetic nature of opposites is an undeniable attraction, but the importance of commonality can't be denied either as we need to connect this way too for a sustainable relationship.

Nothing is perfect, not even yin and yang, the reality of the whole is there are still pointy bits and complex shapes, not one but many aspects. Yet when mapped out we may find that the mirror we need is still there in our relationship. We can see how the differences provide the lessons we need. And that sometimes what we perceive as different is coming from the same source of insecurity. 

It's all a beautiful complex whole that we can learn to appreciate!

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When I'm five days into a holiday I find my relaxation zone.

Finally I can lie poolside and gaze at the patterns of the water, the colour of my toenails and listen to the sound of mystery birds. I don't even want to look at my phone. I want to soak up the ambience. Everything... slows.. down.
From this space I find my truths.

What emerges in the relax space is the realisation of the things I really want to do.

In Ubud, Bali, I realised for the upteenth time that I want to be an artist, I want to create with my hands and heart because this is the thing that feeds my soul. Damn words make it sound so hippy and trite. But if you can relate to the feeling of knowing your passion and knowing it's the purpose of your existance, you know you don't have any other words for it!

Do I have to intellectualise it? Nup, I'm just going to create!

I've been back 4 days and I'm holding on as much as I can do this feeling. I have to outsmart my future self who just gets stuck into work work work and not enough play... so...

I've enrolled in a ceramics course and produced my first wheelthrown 'pot'. It was just delicious letting my yoga experience and breathwork guide my hands to create form with steadiness and mood. I want to rush out and buy a pottery wheel immediately. Maybe I will because they don't take up much room really and the tools are very simple!

I started reading about natural dyeing and took inspiration from my friend in the forest of New Orleans who is using local leaves and barks to colour cloth and wool. So I started with tumeric, next stop beetroot and then I move into eucalyptus.

And just now I painted a wooden sign I bought as a constant reminder to get into my RELAX zone. I chose tropical blue water colours and gold glitter.

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Drawing for The Greens

I design The Greens members magazine 'Green'. 

I use my design and photography throughout the mag, like this shot above I made up a ballot box and logo and asked my friend to be the hand model. (Thinking she couldn't go wrong she actually admitted that she did once stick a slip into the wrong section of the ballot box and a box deconstructing debarkle ensued! How she does these things I'll never know...)

Naturally with Green magazine we get lots of wordy and intelligent articles but sometimes they are lacking an image to go with them! It's not like pollies are going around snapping conceptual shots to go with their idealogies, so that's where I come in.

I use the opportunity of some white space to create a doodle that makes the page more interesting.

And as a picture book reader from way back I need a quirky picture to draw me into an article!

Here are some of my favourites...


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Indian Doorways

I love doorways.

I love people.

So imagine how I feel about people in doorways...

Here are some photographs from Rajastan, India of people in doorways.



Making Time for a Couple of Logos

I have been extremely immersed in photography these past months, and specifically weddings. I shoot sometimes 3 times in a week which leaves me with 4 days of editing. Somebody recently brought to my attention that I don't have a day off... I didn't even realise that I work every day! How crazy is that! 

I guess because I don't even perceive it as work. It's definitely a passion and sometimes an obsession, i just want to shoot, edit and showcase!

But I think there is this thing called 'balance' which I've left well in my past, it's where you make time to do other things, and allow yourself to forget about work and not look at the interwebs or screens or pixels... and instead do things like buy rose bushes and lie in salt and sand. So with some strong reminders of the benefits of 'time out', I've started trying this idea of 'not working on Sunday and Tuesday'. So far in the past month I've had one real Tuesday off and two Sundays... a good start :-)

And part of this process has being learning to say NO. And mostly NO to design work. I have to let it go for a while....

but occassionally I can't help meself!!

Here's why:

The Education Union came to me needing a little brand for their Stop Tafe Cuts Campaign. And I know I can help them now and quickly to get a striking little logo they can use to promote the cause.

It's a case of 'I can do it and I can do it now'.

So really I did whip this out quick smart like a stirfry.

I like to see logos in contexts as they need to work well in multiple applications, that's often part of their charm and effectiveness.

Here it is reversed out on an image.

So that is one of those feel good, contribution jobs I struggle to turn down.

And here is another, different opportunity I struggle to say NO to...
A cool one!
Design a brand for a new cafe. Um, yes please!

Little Sisto is in Doubleview on Sackville Tce. It's an understated, sleek and spacious cafe with primo coffee. The owner comes from a large Greek family and was the youngest of 6, hence her name Little Sisto which means Little Sister.

I could see this logo in my mind pretty early, as a collection of sisters and her highlighted as the little one.
If you're interested in analysis: it's the greek turqoise sea blue that is referenced, and the triangles represent women, our shape, our skirts even, all different sizes but powerful little mountains that we each are. They are a cluster, a family, but the little one can often be the stand out, the special-treated one, the base of the family.

I look forward to sharing more photos once the signage is up and the branding is rolled out!

back to the photos now...

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I got a coffee the other day and the guy said 'the soy is the angry one' and I thought, too right!

So I turned my frown upside down. And the segue to the subject of this blog is... missing...

(Hang on, I worked one out, this is a photo I instantly put on instagram instead of my blog.)

I've had a blog since the days they were called "web logs". A geek friend coded me one in 2002.
I loved this outlet, I could get my pics and dorky poems out to the world!

10 years later... with a bucket more wrinkles and cynicism... ;-)
I'm weathered by the changes of the interweb world! 

There are now countless ways to get the pics and poems out there. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... I am a mere dot in an ocean of voices.

It's mostly pics and a handful of characters... you don't see so many essays online these days! or if they are there, not sure who's making the time to read them.

Social media has come and met me with all its tools and everyone's joined in!

However my blog suffers because it's like getting on a dinosaur with a message in a bottle to throw into the milky way... cooooeeeee??

Yes, anyone, anywhere can see it without being a 'friend' on my various social media channels... but is that more valuable than me speaking with my 600 friends (some long lost) on facebook?

Or the 150 followers on my instagram?

And then there's the feedback, the instagratification! Yep, I just coined that (and I'm not going to google it to discover I wasn't the first!) I know that mostly someone is gonna say hi when I put up a pic.

Just one pic or one sentence can mean a whole dialogue.

Here I can write paragraphs and it meets silence.

So what to do? I am learning to accept that the blog is less populated, quieter, it is still read by some.
And that this is just the way its evolved. Can't fight it or myself actually.

So today, which just so happens to see me sitting on a comfy bed in Melbourne celebrating my birthday with the company of tiny tweets from birds in a fig tree, I will blog some instagram pics that if you are following me will be "old news" but if not will be seemingly fresh.

I have decided to be okay about blogging my social media activities because I'd like to curate some of it.


Travels in Instagram - a wonderful tool and reason to pause and frame

In my own community of Fremantle we share the excitement of what goes on.

Like when we're having a glitter themed party, we tease people with what's to come!

And I joke about the sign that the party was well and truly over.

When I travel then things seem far more visually interesting. Like my Adelaide backyard.

And Melbourne in all it's cruddy imperfect perfectness with countless vivid stories.

One of the keys to photography is showcasing a view that might be overlooked

And framing a contrast in colour, texture and meaning

But it's mostly about laughs!

A sea of grugs? or A bon jovi wig burial site?

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Nourishing Newborn Mothers

Did you know that a woman's body goes through the most change after she gives birth (rather than during pregnancy)?

I didn't!

Makes sense now that the body is trying to completely re-adjust in a very short space of time and add to that the need to look after and feed your tiny child. No wonder so many new mums suffer from depression and other coping issues.

I recently met a doula (support person for pregnancy and labour) who wants to put her knowledge into a book. She believes that one of the key ways to heal a woman's heart is through her stomach.

So she's creating a cookbook designing to guide a woman week by week with her changing dietary needs to support her system, all backed up by ancient ayurvedic (indian health) tradition.

So I'm going to photograph and design the book (yay! yum!)
but firstly we're doing the crowd funding route - on Pozible!

Check out the film I made about the project. It gives you a little taste for the yumminess to be found when we create it.

(and may I add that the stew and chai were divine!! I look forward to devouring more as I shoot...)

I'd greatly appreciate your support (get a copy for $50 (rrp $75!) or share with possible new mums and related health practitioners.


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